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7 Things You Must Know About Amazon Ungating Services

How Does Ungating Amazon Work?

Ungating Amazon Service

All Amazon sellers, whether new or professional sellers, seek to scale up their Amazon businesses and get more customers. This could be a good opportunity to utilize the vast market space and create higher profit margins.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy these benefits since not all categories, brands, or products are open to everyone to sell.

Hence, before reaching that point of selling everything from a renowned supplier or manufacturer, you have to solve the question of Amazon ungating first.

Again, unless you know all the hacks involved in unlocking Amazon categories, this is not something to do overnight. This is where Amazon ungating services come in handy.

Thus, this article reveals 7 things you must know before utilizing an ungating Amazon service.

#1 What Are Amazon Ungating Services?

Amazon ungating services are selling experts, third-party vendors, or companies that help new or approved Amazon sellers unlock gated categories, brands, or products.

These services are primarily Amazon-certified vendors or brands that walk sellers through the niche-unlocking processes.

As a new Amazon reseller or manufacturer, you already know that you cannot sell anything you want unless you provide the requested proof.

Also, most new resellers start with open categories such as books, DVDs, and clothes before trying closed categories such as grocery, jewelry, and fine art.

However, as they expand their selling portfolio, they realize they cannot unlock gated categories themselves.

That is where they may need to utilize an ungating Amazon service.

#2 Why Is It So Difficult to Get Ungated in Specific Categories?

Amazon, being a global marketplace with millions of sellers and buyers, has strict rules that ensure both parties adhere to its business code. That means, before any reseller is allowed to enlist their products on the platform, they must pass quality assessment tests and obey all Amazon policies.

Therefore, Amazon makes it difficult for sellers to ungate specific categories for three primary reasons:

  • To protect the manufacturer’s integrity as well as its reputation.
  • To protect the customers from exploitation. This enhances customer satisfaction and promotes fair product pricing.
  • To enhance product safety by collaborating with regulatory bodies such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

#3 What Are Some of The Hot Categories Sellers Like to Get Ungated?

Every category can be lucrative on Amazon, considering the platform provides a large market with unending demand. What is needed is a strategic business plan to attract more customers no matter the niche.

However, if you want to enjoy less competitive niches with higher profit margins, you can consider unlocking more categories such as:

  • LEGO and Toys
  • Jewelry and Fine Arts
  • Automotive and Powersports
  • Grocery and Gourmet Food

#4 Why Should I Bother to Pay for Amazon Ungating Services?

Paying for Amazon ungating services comes with its advantages such as saving you the time you would use preparing all the invoices and certification documents needed for approval.

As an Amazon novice, you will always face challenges getting a trusted supplier, compiling the invoices, identifying gated categories, and sending approval requests.

Luckily, adding an ungating service to the equation speeds up the process and relieves stress.

Ungating services also increase the chances of getting approved. Since they have all the ungating secrets, they know what and when to send them to the Amazon team.

They also provide you with experienced assistance and ensure you have all the needed documents on time.


#5 Can I Do It Myself? What Does It Take?

Though ungating categories, brands, or products on Amazon seems like a hard task, it is wise to try doing it yourself, especially if you understand the entire process.

The ungating process can be short or long depending on how long Amazon takes to review your request and the category you wish to sell in.

Generally, for you to ungate categories yourself, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a Professional Seller Account.
  • Maintain good account health, often seen through on-time shipment, low order defects, and positive customer engagement.
  • Have legit invoices from a reputable supplier or wholesaler.
  • Submit only original invoices and other documents to Amazon.

#6 Once I Am Ungated Can I Sell Anything in That Category?

Unfortunately, not. Getting ungated in one main category does not mean you are free to sell anything on Amazon.

That is because Amazon has three gating levels, including category, brand, and product restrictions. That means, even if you ungate the main category, you may still need brand approvals to sell its products on Amazon.

A good example is selling Nike on Amazon. You can ungate sportswear on Amazon but you still need Nike approval to sell Nike shoes on Amazon.

Therefore, before you start selling anything in a specific category on Amazon, you must check all the restrictions Amazon imposes on subcategories.

#7 Do You Recommend Using An Amazon Ungating Service?

Yes, I would highly recommend Amazon ungating services if you want to scale up your Amazon business. As stated earlier, no one wants to make losses or become limited to one niche yet Amazon has a large consumer base with high demand. Therefore, any seller who wants to expand their selling portfolio should consider Amazon ungating services for four main reasons:

  • To avoid ungating confusion. Amazon changes its selling policies frequently; hence, sellers can get confused easily when trying to unlock more categories. Getting ungating services, however, allows sellers to wade through the unending confusion and speed up the approval process.
  • To sell a wider variety of products and reach more customers. Sellers operating in a limited space can only sell to a few customers and enjoy low-profit margins. Those who want to reach more customers need to unlock more selling opportunities, which is possible through Amazon ungating services.
  • To make more money and grow your business. If sellers can sell anything, their profits will automatically explode and expand their businesses. Remember, Amazon provides a bucket of opportunities, and reselling is just one of them.
  • The services are affordable. A reliable Amazon ungating service is worth it for the time saved and expertise available.

Final Notes on Using an Ungating Amazon Service

Ungating more categories on Amazon is quite lucrative. You can access more opportunities, expand your business, and earn more profits.

However, unless you know what is needed to ungate categories, the process can be demanding and expensive.

Hence, the only solution lies in utilizing Amazon ungating services to make the process fast, convenient, and affordable. Also, take time to assess all ungating services available before trusting one with your business.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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