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Amazon Gated Categories List and Advice

Amazon Gated Categories List and Advice Would You Like to Gain Category Approval the Easy Way? START TODAY FOR ONLY $1! What Are Amazon Ungated and Restricted Categories? If you are an eCommerce owner, then chances are you have heard, at least on the surface level, about Amazon restricted/gated categories.

What To Sell On Amazon FBA In Q4 2022?

There is no denying that Q4 is the most lucrative quarter in Amazon’s fiscal year. Q4 of 2021 posted a 9% increase in Amazon’s sales, representing $140 billion. This is timely news, especially for new sellers looking for inventory ideas to list and cash in ahead of the upcoming holiday

How To Get Ungated and Sell LEGO on Amazon

Reselling LEGO® sets and other toys on Amazon has become a profitable deal in the past years. During every festive season and special occasion, parents flock to online marketplaces such as Facebook and eBay looking for the best toys for their kids. Though, none of these markets can beat the

Why Must I Apply to Get Ungated in Grocery Amazon?

Whether you want to expand your Amazon selling portfolio or create a new reselling account, you should always be ready for some challenges. These challenges include getting ungated and stiff competition. For instance, most new Amazon sellers choose popular and lucrative categories such as Games and Sports, Home and Kitchen,

Can I Sell Aromatherapy On Amazon?

Are you looking to sell aromatherapy products on Amazon but are unsure how to get started or what inventory to list? Well, Amazon’s marketplace is vast and you can sell plenty of aromatherapy products. However, it is best to first and foremost understand what categories you are allowed to list

Your Guide To Selling Supplements on Amazon

Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon When people want to start selling on Amazon, the first thing they often decide on is what to sell. For new sellers, picking the right products could make all the difference which is why they are always looking for lucrative categories and products. One such

Is Pet Supplies a Gated Category on Amazon?

The pet care industry is seeing a massive boom. In fact, it is projected to reach around 269 billion dollars by 2025. With this kind of promise, it is not surprising that many people are looking for ways to venture into the industry. E-commerce has made this process easier. They

How to Get Approval to Sell Toys on Amazon

Knowing how to get approval to sell toys on Amazon is very important. This is because like many other products on Amazon, there are several restrictions on selling toys. This is not only per Amazon requirements but also in regards to statutory stipulations anchored in Federal law. For instance, toys

Learn About Ungating Video Games and Consoles On Amazon

When you want to start selling on Amazon, a good idea would be to sell products in best-selling categories. The Video Games and Consoles category is a best-selling category on Amazon, and many people rush towards selling them on Amazon only to find out that some video games and consoles

Guide to Selling Pet Food On Amazon

According to Statista, only 17 percent of all pet supply transactions in the United States are made online. Nonetheless, Amazon accounts for a significant portion of that 17 percent. Pet Supplies on Amazon have grown greatly during the past few years. Based on One Click Retail statistics, sales increased by

Understanding the Process Behind Amazon Ungating Jewelry

Why Is Jewelry Gated On Amazon? Jewelry is gated on Amazon, meaning you cannot decide to start selling your jewelry on the platform one day. Federal regulations guide the process, but beyond that, Amazon has very strict requirements that you must meet before you can start selling jewelry on Amazon.

Why Does Amazon Gate Specific Categories and How To Unlock Them?

Amazon is considered the biggest online marketplace in the world, and most people think of it as a place of endless possibilities and an easy way to start a retail business. However, most people are shocked by the number of restrictions they face when they want to start selling on

Understanding Gated Sub-Categories Such As Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products are big business. And for sellers, they can be quite profitable because they are needed on a regular and consistent basis. They are consumables. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything difficult about this sales category. In fact, when you go to the store to

Amazon’s Notification of Restricted Products Removal

While the Amazon brand is one of the best places to sell products, it also maintains restrictions on specific products and activities. One of the common topics in this context involves Amazon’s notification of restricted product removal. Many individuals have reported receiving one or more notices about products they have

Help With Selling On Amazon: 9 Essential Tips For New Sellers

Are you looking for help with selling on Amazon? If you’re a new Amazon seller or are thinking about becoming one, you already know that Amazon is a global powerhouse. However, the path to Amazon seller success can be daunting and confusing for many individuals. For example … where do

Guide To Understanding The Amazon Renewed Program

One thing that makes Amazon most loved by online shoppers and entrepreneurs is they always have a way to improve their customers’ experience and provide entrepreneurs with new ways of making money. One of these ways is Amazon Renewed program. A section that provides users with barely used items, refurbished

An In-depth Look At Ungating Amazon Categories

Indeed, there have been many discussions among sellers about Amazon’s gated categories, both pro and con. Some consider them treasured goldmines, while others feel that the hassle of getting selling approval is too much.  The truth is, no matter which side of the discussion you are on, the advantages of

How Can I Make Money with Amazon?

According to information released by the firm, in 2021, as reported by Businesswire, third-party merchants contributed fifty percent of Amazon’s total net revenue of $469.8 billion. Indeed, there are various ways to tap into the dedicated customer base of Amazon and establish a new source of revenue. These methods include

What Are Amazon Topicals and Why Does Amazon Restrict Sellers?

Amazon is completely aware of some of the potential issues in allowing sellers to offer topicals without any supervision. Mostly, they are concerned with the safety and good health of their customers. Thus, they do adhere to regulations set out by the food and drug administration (FDA), as well as

Is It Worth It To Sell Books On Amazon?

You probably already know that Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces, started as a small online bookshop. You could visit the website, and buy print books, then have them delivered right to you. Over the years, this small online bookshop would evolve to become an online retail giant and

What Are Examples Of The Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA?

There are more than 2 billion people buying products on Amazon each month. This alone makes selling on Amazon seem like an enticing idea. However, deciding to sell on Amazon is one thing but finding a profitable product to start selling is a different ball game. You don’t have to

How To Sell Antiques on Amazon

  The market for antiques and collectibles sold online in the United States is expected to reach a value of $1.7 billion in 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 4 percent. Therefore, the potential is enormous! For individuals interested in entering the world of e-commerce, Amazon represents significant potential.

What You Need to Know About Your Amazon Account Health

The Account Health page offers information on your account’s adherence to performance targets and the regulations required to sell on Amazon. This initiative aims to ensure that sellers provide the best customer experience for consumers. Any account that fails to adhere to these metrics is subject to punitive action from

Can You Sell Used Items On Amazon?

When people want to start selling on Amazon and are looking for how to source products, their minds go to reselling new products through wholesale and retail arbitrage. They could also think about creating private label brands. However, only a few people give thought to the fact that Amazon lets

What Is Luxury Beauty On Amazon?

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry. People around the world care about how they look, so they are willing to spend money to look their best. Amazon knows this, which is why it offers an extensive beauty category for buyers and sellers alike. In the past, Amazon gated the

Can I Sell Gold Coins On Amazon?

You have a stash of valuable coins gifted to you by a family member or a loved one, or maybe, you are a collector with a reasonable stash of rare coins, and you are wondering if there is a chance that you could sell it on Amazon? Amazon is one

Can I Sell Apple Products on Amazon?

This is the second part in a our series on selling Apple products on Amazon. If you recall in the first episode, we told you about the new regulations that were added in 2018. We discussed what they were, what happened, and what the new mandates meant for sellers. Many

Why Is Amazon So Strict When Selling Baby-Related Products?

Amazon is pretty strict about what they allow on their site for baby products. That’s because they want to ensure that they sell only the safest and most trustworthy products to parents and caretakers. The international retailer also has to meet federal, state, and local regulations regarding the sale of

Selling Apple Products On Amazon

Many people turn to Amazon to purchase products because of so many reasons. The fast and free shipping, the cheaper price, and numerous products on there. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, and as a marketplace, it offers options for people who would like to sell on

Brand Gating on Amazon

Counterfeit goods and malicious third-party sellers are finding their way into many online marketplaces at an alarming rate. In response to these concerns, Amazon, as probably the largest venue hit, started implementing “brand gating” – a process requiring manufacturers to apply for approval to sell their products on the platform.

How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon

You’ve probably heard how profitable selling toys on Amazon can be, especially seeing that Amazon provides a consistent customer base to help one sell out. However, a question remains, how can you get unrestricted access to selling toys on Amazon? Read on to find out! You need an Amazon wholesale

How to Make Money with Amazon FBA

With Amazon being the dominating marketplace that it is, there is no denying that the strive to learn how to make money with Amazon FBA is a hot topic amongst sellers. In fact, Amazon is known to be the top lucrative eCommerce platform to date, and holding a net worth

How to Get Ungated on Amazon

Want to get Ungated in a Hurry? START TODAY FOR ONLY $1! Learning how to get ungated on Amazon is certainly a step in the right direction to reach more customer engagement, traffic, and higher profits. These are categories and brands that are closed off to the general selling public

Reselling on Amazon – Tips and Advice

How to Resell on Amazon Step by Step Amazon continues to be the most dominating marketplace out there, and reselling on Amazon successfully is something everyone tapping into that market strives for. The profitability ceiling is seemingly endless, and with about 50.7% of Amazon sellers making at least $1,000 a

How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

If you are wondering how to sell on Amazon FBA, you are certainly not alone. Since it was first established back in 1994 to today, Amazon has become the dominating online marketplace that has just about every aspiring entrepreneur leveraging it to gain the profitability benefits and brand exposure. Based

Amazon Brand Gating Advice for 2022

Would You Like Help Getting Past Brand Gating START TODAY FOR ONLY $1! Whether you are a new seller or a well-seasoned one, there is no denying that the brand gating Amazon regulations have been really tight for the last several years. Overall, this makes it quite hard for third

Why Would The Kitchen Category Have Items That Are Restricted?

Is Health and Household Gated on Amazon? As a new seller on Amazon, you might have tried listing a product in the Home and Kitchen category only to find out that there is a form of restriction on the product. This might be shocking to you because a quick look

Why is Amazon So Strict with Sales of Pet Supplies?

Part of the reason why Amazon has become an industry leader is due to the strictness it maintains for sellers. Specifically, the brand has strict regulations for selling pet supplies, food, and medicine. Sellers have to meet various criteria before making a successful application. Fortunately, this guide offers a few