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Below is the full approval process we operate by. Please select if you prefer a “Done For You” or a “Done With You” process? Most client prefer and choose option 2 (done for you) but we usually like to be transparent and offer our client the choice.



OPTION 1 – DWY (done with you) allows you the client to be involved in the approval process. The reason why we offer this is because many sellers have had an unpleasant experience with previous ungating providers. So this is to offer you, the client, a clear and transparent process of how we go on about helping you gain approval for your requested brands or category. This process will take roughly 8-11 days to complete due to the back and forth communication between you, our suppliers, and our team.

As you will see, the only way to ungate anything, is to:

1. Purchase from pre-vetted distributors that are accepted by Amazon (not all suppliers and distributors are accepted by Amazon). 

2. Validation of product shipment tracking along with valid invoice number (Amazon will call to validate ALL approval documents)

OPTION 2 – DFY (done for you) are for clients that just wants it done ASAP. You trust and understand the process, and want the approval done ASAP. In this case, we will need to add a USA based address so we can order products, receive the product, call the distributor for you to obtain the approval documents, then finally submit and approve (an additional email will be sent to you shortly). 100% completely hands off for you and we handle 100% of the approval work.

DFY is also mandatory if you fall under any of the below criteria:

1. You are an international seller (physically located outside the USA) and cannot receive physical product shipments from distributors
2. You do NOT have a USA address where you can receive physical product shipments.
3. You just want us to do 100% of the approval for you.

If you fall within any of the above, then it is mandatory that a DFY process is required in order to complete the approval.

Please watch the explainer video to the right for more details.

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