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A Summary of Amazon’s Small and Light FBA Program

Is FBA Small and Light Worth It?

Amazon's Small and Light FBA Program

Small and light is an Amazon cost-cutting fulfillment program that enables eligible small sellers to pass extra costs such as shipping to customers.

The Amazon FBA is an incredible fulfillment option for bulk sellers. In other words, if you are selling goods in huge quantities, you can make higher profit margins due to economies of scale.

However, with small vendors, certain costs such as shipping may eat deep into your earnings. This informed the introduction of the FBA small and light program.

With this option, if you are selling cheaper products or dealing with retail, you can transfer some of these costs to the buyer. This way, you can offer smaller, lighter, and cheaper products to customers at a significantly reduced fulfillment fee.

This article discusses this feature, its benefits, and its eligibility for the benefit of small-scale vendors who trade in small and light FBA products on Amazon.

What is the FBA Small and Light program?

Amazon’s FBA small and light is a cost-reducing program aimed at helping vendors to reduce fulfillment fees by meeting certain criteria on small, cheap, and light goods. This enables sellers to offer products whose weight, size, and price are consistent with Amazon specifications at affordable rates to customers. Otherwise, those vendors who offer smaller, lightweight, and cheaper goods on Amazon can easily be driven out of business by high FBA fees if no mitigation is brought to the table.

What Products Pass the Eligibility Test for FBA Small and Light?

As indicated earlier, a vendor needs to meet certain conditions to apply for this program. The good news is, Amazon has revised the eligibility list to include some pricier and slightly heavier products, while at the same time allowing for more people to apply for inclusion. Check out the list below, and if you qualify, move quickly to apply and reap high benefits in terms of returns. Your products must meet the following criteria for eligibility into the FBA Small and Light:

  • Measure 18 x 14 x 8 inches or smaller
  • Weigh 3 lbs or less.
  • A Cost at $10 or less
  • Be in new condition.
  • NOT be under the restricted list of goods.
  • You should comply with shipping guidelines.
  • You should have sold more than 25 items in the past month.

Little household gadgets and very small gardening accessories such as thin work gloves would be in this criteria.

The following category of goods are expressly NOT eligible for FBA Small

  • Those restricted by Amazon.
  • Products prohibited by FBA.
  • Adult goods.
  • Hazardous products (hazmat).
  • Temperature-sensitive commodities such as chocolates.

Brittle products that FBA classifies as crushable are eligible as long as they adhere to proper packaging guidelines. Such goods include glass and potato chips. If the products you sell qualify, then go ahead and apply for approval. However, if after approval the price of your goods rises beyond $10, then they will be automatically removed from the program.

What Are the Benefits Of Enrolling in Small and Light FBA ?

As a vendor, you are in business to make profits. It would be otherwise impossible to realize any profits if the fulfillment fees cut into all your earnings on Amazon. As you have probably gathered, and rightly so, enrolling in this program helps you to save on Amazon’s fulfillment fees. Here are the benefits of signing up to FBA small and light:

  • You realize big discounts on Amazon fulfillment fees.
  • Your products will be prime-eligible. This means they get to rock the prime badge in the listings. Additionally, they are eligible for prime shipping.
  • Your customers do not have a minimum purchase requirement.
  • You get Amazon’s trusted fulfillment and customer services.

How To Enrol Your Products in The Amazon’s Small and Light FBA

Step 1:
Provided your goods satisfy the requirements, you can move to the Seller Central panel, navigate the page and look for the Small and Light page. Alternatively, you can search for Small and Light on the Seller Central platform to access the page.

Step 2:
Choose whether to enroll one product at a time or multiple goods y entering SKU or uploading a bulk SKU template file respectively.

Step 3:
If the products uploaded are eligible, click on Enrol Selected Products. However, Amazon checks the eligibility of each product uploaded.

Concluding Notes on Amazon’s Small and Light FBA Program

Amazon’s small and light FBA program is structured to provide a cost-cutting opportunity for those sellers who deal with lightweight, small-sized, and less-pricier items on Amazon.

There is a list of eligibility conditions for a vendor to satisfy before being eligible for enrolment.

You can easily enroll yourself in the program by accessing the Seller Central portal and then searching for FBA small and light.

Vendors have a wide range of benefits when it comes to FBA small and light, including higher discounts on fulfillment fees, their products get to be assigned prime tags, customers are not limited by quantity to purchase, and the products are eligible for prime shipping.

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