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Your Guide To Selling Supplements on Amazon

Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon

When people want to start selling on Amazon, the first thing they often decide on is what to sell.

For new sellers, picking the right products could make all the difference which is why they are always looking for lucrative categories and products.

One such category is the Health and Personal Care, especially the Supplements subcategory.

It is lucrative for all forms of sellers on Amazon, and most people try to sell products in this subcategory, only to find that they are gated.

Considering how lucrative this subcategory is, ignoring its potential because of a few restrictions would not be wise.

However, we know how difficult it can be for new sellers to get ungated.

This is why this article will provide you with everything you need to know to get ungated so that you can start selling supplements on Amazon.

But before that, let’s look at what Amazon considers supplements and why they are gated.

Why What Are Supplements and Why Are They Gated?

According to Amazon, Dietary supplements are herbs, vitamins, minerals, or any other substance taken to supplement the diet.

These include amino and fatty acids. They usually come as tablets, capsules, gelcaps, soft gels, powders, and liquids.

This definition implies that supplements are useful, so why does Amazon make it hard for people to sell these products on their platform? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

1. For The Safety Of Consumers

This much should be obvious to anyone. Amazon has always stated how customer-centric they are.

If a product has the potential to harm, they will not allow it to be listed.

But supplements are good, right? Yes, they are, but they are also easy to counterfeit.

If a supplement is not made correctly, it could be detrimental to the person taking it.

Amazon wants to prevent this, which is why they have placed restrictions.

These restrictions are to ensure that the products that are listed are good enough to be ingested.

2. Compliance With Federal, State, and Local Laws

Retailers are bound by federal, state, and local laws, and since you are selling these supplements on Amazon as a retailer, you and Amazon are also bound by these laws.

FDA has regulations guiding finished dietary products and the ingredients used in making them, although these are different from the usual food and drug products.

These regulations are basically about the safety and labeling of the products, which we will discuss later.

3. To Maintain Quality Of Supplements Sold Within The Country

Certain standards are considered acceptable in the country, and Amazon has to ensure that the products sold on the platform are of the right quality. This is the same for supplements.

If everyone is allowed to list supplements on Amazon, there is the chance that sellers would import products of lower quality than allowed and peddle them on Amazon.

This might turn out bad not only for the consumers who might be getting substandard products but also for the sellers and Amazon itself.

How Do I get Ungated To Sell Supplements on Amazon?

To sell supplements on Amazon, you must ensure that you comply with all the requirements stipulated by Amazon.

What are some of these requirements?

1. Packaging

If you intend to sell supplements, they must come in sealed, original packaging.

The implication is that the supplement must be new, unboxed, and unused.

All identifying codes, such as serial numbers, matrix codes, and lot numbers, should also be displayed on the packaging.

2. Labeling

This is where it gets a bit technical. You have to be thorough about the labeling of the product.

There is a list of things that must be on the label, like the name of the product, the total amount of supplements, a facts panel, an ingredient list, and the details of the manufacturer, distributor, or packer.

Some things should not be on the label of the product. For example, supplements should not claim to cure, treat, or prevent a condition unless stated by the FDA.

The product’s label should not state that it can function as a prescription drug; the names should not suggest or imply this. 

The labels should not claim that the FDA approves the supplement, nor should they have the FDA logo on them.

3. Products and Ingredients

Amazon also considers the product itself and the ingredients used in producing it.

The product should be safe to use and should not be adulterated.

If the FDA has named the product in a safety alert or deemed it unsafe, then Amazon will not let you list it.

If the FCT has named the product as one that has made untrue marketing claims, Amazon will not let you list it too.

The ingredients used in making the product should be safe too. Ingredients that are unsafe or controlled substances will make your supplement unsuitable for listing.

These are all in compliance with FDA and federal laws.

But Amazon also has its policies that your supplement must comply with.

You cannot sell supplements with ingredients from sharks, whales, porpoises, and dolphins.

Supplements that contain more than a stipulated amount of hydrogen peroxide are also prohibited.

A look at the product page for supplements on Amazon will provide you with more details on prohibited products and ingredients.

Is It Worth It To Go Through Ungating Process?

When they come across a gated product on Amazon, most people start questioning if it would be worth the stress needed to ungate it.

It definitely is. If you have a product that complies with all the requirements made by Amazon, getting ungated will not be as stressful as most people think it would be.

And once you are ungated, you will be able to sell these products and reap the benefits of selling in a gated category.

You will not deal with as much competition as when selling a product without restrictions.

The Supplement subcategory is also one of the most lucrative, so with a good marketing plan, you are sure to see a profit.

Final Note on Selling Supplements on Amazon

Amazon is a customer-centric brand, so it is no surprise that they would restrict the supplement subcategory.

However, this does not mean you cannot sell supplements on Amazon.

It just means you have to have a product that complies with the requirements of Amazon.

Once you have this product, you can apply for ungating, and hopefully, you will be allowed to list your product.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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