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Why Is Amazon So Strict When Selling Baby-Related Products?

Is Selling Baby Products on Amazon Allowed?

Amazon is pretty strict about what they allow on their site for baby products. That’s because they want to ensure that they sell only the safest and most trustworthy products to parents and caretakers.

The international retailer also has to meet federal, state, and local regulations regarding the sale of these items.

Here’s what you need to know about the complex world of selling baby products on Amazon.

Let’s learn about what is required for sellers.

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Age Restrictions on Baby Items

If you have an infant or toddler, you know there are age restrictions on many products.

For example, baby walkers are only for children at least five months old. That’s because they can be a safety hazard for younger babies developing their motor skills.

Also, the resale of walkers prohibits older models without gripping strips or a minimum 36-inch broad base. It goes further than walking aids and toys.

Teethers and pacifiers are only for children at least three months old. Even bottle nipples have an age minimum of four months. The reason for these restrictions is that babies’ mouths are very sensitive. Hard materials or chemicals can easily irritate their gums.

Also, you may think bath seats are safe for any age, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) only recommends them for children six months and older. That’s because babies can easily slip under the water.

Amazon also requires a children’s product certificate for bath seats. We can help you comply with all provisions.

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Packaging For Baby Products

When you apply to sell baby products on Amazon, you must be extra careful with your packaging.

For example, all food and formula packaging must be sealed and free of damage. Parents don’t want to buy dented or opened cans of formula.

The same goes for bottles and nipples. If the stapling in the package goes through the bottle nipple and pokes a hole in it, it is not much good for feeding a baby.

You also have to be careful with how you wrap up and provide your products. You must ship baby items in their original packaging, with any included instructions.

That’s because the CPSC has strict regulations about these items.

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Can You Sell Used Baby Items On Amazon?

Amazon is home to thousands of resellers, but there are many baby items you can’t re-sell.

For example, car seat manufacturers have strict regulations for selling new products. These retailers must prove they meet state, federal, and local statutes.

You can’t re-sell most infant and children’s products after removing them from the packaging and using them. That includes everything from cribs to clothing. The CPSC offers a guide on what you can re-sell and what to toss.

Yes, people always re-sell baby clothing in consignment stores, garage sales, and thrift stores.

However, some items that babies and children wear have specific requirements, such as clothes for sleeping. These must be fire-resistant and meet flammability standards.

Original Manufacturer's Date On Baby Goods

When you apply to sell baby products on Amazon, you’ll be asked for the original manufacturer’s date. This is the date that the product was first made available for sale.

For example, if you’re selling a new car seat, the original manufacturer’s date would be the date it was first sold in stores.
This date is important because it tells parents how long the product has been on the market.

The CPSC has strict regulations about product recalls, and this date helps them keep track of which products are safe to sell.

Cribs are expensive. Thus, people often pass these items down from one child to the next. But the CPSC prohibits the sale of cribs manufactured before June 2011.

The good news is if you have baby items that meet all applicable standards, we can certainly help you to ungating in some the most difficult baby categories on Amazon.

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Expiration Dates On Baby Food

Baby formula is a hot topic in the U.S. because of unprecedented shortages. Many parents are desperate to find any formula.

However, Amazon is also strict about the sale of baby formula. The dates must be marked on the cans, and the formula can’t be expired.

Further, it’s not only baby formula that you need to pay attention to the dates on. Baby foods, including toddler foods, have expiration dates. And, like baby formula, these products require original packaging, no tampering, and sell-by dates.

Final Note on Selling Baby Related Items on Amazon

Amazon is a retailer that takes pride in selling only the safest and most reliable baby products. Therefore, when selling baby products on Amazon, they must meet federal, state, and local regulations. Navigating these regulations can be tricky.

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