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Reselling on Amazon – Tips and Advice

How to Resell on Amazon Step by Step

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Amazon continues to be the most dominating marketplace out there, and reselling on Amazon successfully is something everyone tapping into that market strives for.

The profitability ceiling is seemingly endless, and with about 50.7% of Amazon sellers making at least $1,000 a month in sales, the results for even new sellers look quite promising.

But the thing to keep in mind here is that just because the numbers look enticing does not mean that you will be obtaining prospering growth and profits the moment you sign up to become a seller yourself.

In fact, it can take a bit of time and research, and due diligence to become a leading competitor on the platform and reach favorable monetization outcomes.

With that being said, don’t let the numbers and the rising competition scare you from trying this money-making route at all.

By playing your cards right and taking the right steps, you can certainly rank higher, improve conversions, gain sales, and build your brand to new levels.

So, whether you are new to the resell on Amazon process or have been around for some time with little luck on gaining sale momentum, take some time to review the below reselling on Amazon tips and advice.

Understanding and integrating them into your business model will help you set the core foundation for your Amazon sale efforts and support you in optimizing your chances of profitable success.

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1. Establish A Unique Brand

If you already have a business formed and you are merely using Amazon to branch into more untapped potential, then you might already be aware of how vital establishing a unique brand is to stand out and be memorable.

For those of you starting from scratch, creating your own brand and marketing is what will make the product you are selling more special.

Even if the price itself is attractive, when you showcase a venerated and differentiated brand image along with it, that is what is going to help you gain traction and begin building a solid customer base.

2. Sell What People Want

Did you know that the most popular category on Amazon is “Electronics”? It is then followed by “Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry,” with “Home and Kitchen” coming in third.

Using this knowledge, take some time to research just what the hot products are within each of the top categories.

Examine what void they fill, how much they cost and see if it is something you would be enticed to try selling yourself.

Because the reality is that you could sell just about anything you want, but if it is not a popular item or in demand, then you might have a more challenging time succeeding quickly.

Fun Fact: According to Sellbrite, the most popular items in Electronics right now include the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick and Tablet, and smart plugs.

3. Optimize Your Listings for Ranking Purposes

This is another significant element for reselling on Amazon and the leading reason why so many aspiring resellers do not rank well in search results.

Whatever it is you are choosing to sell, you have to ensure it is optimized to yourself the best chance of them hitting the buy box and increasing your profit margins.

This means implementing SEO best practices with each listing, such as integrating high traffic keywords in the titles and descriptions, using high-quality photos, and writing up easy to read bullet points.

The more effort you put into optimizing each listing, the better your chances will be at ranking on or near the first page in search results. And as you know, that is where the most conversion occurs.

4. Offer Competitive Pricing

This one might sound like a no-brainer resell on Amazon tip, but it is one that is exceptionally valuable and worth noting.

For resellers, your main goal is to make a profit from the products you are selling, and part of that means you have to upsell from the initial purchase price so you can walk away with a net-gain.

However, the trick is to find a happy medium where you are undercutting your competition, have the same or higher quality products to build your reputation, and still make money with decent profit margins for each sale.

The best thing you can do here is take some time to look at what your competition is charging and what they are offering.

In the end, you have three choices: copy their price (not ideal for beginners since customers will often go with the more reputable seller if everything is the exact same), undercut them, or increase your price above theirs.

For the up-tick in price route, just make sure your product is clearly better and offers more to help sway traffic to your buy box instead of the competitors’.

5. Gain Access to Gated Brands and Categories

Gaining access to gated brands and categories on Amazon is a sure-fire way to prove your authenticity and reliability for potential customers.

Though Amazon allows new sellers to work within certain areas, there is a whole other realm of opportunity in the gated areas.

This is a highly-vetted process, but one that is certainly worth considering if you want to grow your business and demonstrate to future customers that you are trusted by Amazon itself.

In summary, this allows you to gain much more traffic, which becomes the catalyst for more profit.

It is a win-win on all fronts, but remember, you need to be approved first. For more information on Amazon gated communities, you can find that here.

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6. Prioritize Customer Service and Gain 5 Star Reviews

Without your customers, you are not going to get very far in your reselling on Amazon efforts. Because of this, prioritize customer service at all times.

Answer questions in a friendly and inviting way, and remediate conflicts in a professional and fair manner.

The tone and positive experience you create can cultivate much desired 5-star reviews, which provides the domino effect for more people to feel comfortable in ordering from you.

And customer service branches out to much more than conversing with customers.

It also means staying on top of inventory, having a well-oiled fulfillment process, and managing operations from purchase to delivery that gives customers a seamless and favorable experience.

Bonus Tip: If your business is growing too fast or you feel like you cannot handle it all yourself, think about leveraging the Amazon Fulfillment Program to support that leg of the business, or reach out to a respected 3PL partner to handle the logistics for you.

7. Never Deviate from Amazon’s Rules

Last but not least, no matter what you do, always follow Amazon’s selling policies and seller code of conduct. Amazon has stringent guidelines, and they are there to protect sellers, buyers, and their reputation as a leading online brand.

In a nutshell, Amazon takes their processes exceptionally seriously, and monitors rigorously to make sure every seller is playing by the rules at all times.

This means deviating from the policies, even by accident, can result in an account suspension.

To ensure you are always in good standing, it is wise to read over the policies every so often to look for any updates, gain clarity on specific situations, and to feel confident that you are not putting your seller account in jeopardy without realizing it.

Conclusion – There Is Plenty of Room for You if You Want to Resell on Amazon

As of right now, there are about 2.5 million people who resell on Amazon FBA.

Now, this number might seem relatively high in terms of competition and make reselling on Amazon an obstacle driven journey, know that there are over 197 million buyers worldwide who utilize the Amazon market.

The amazing part about that is the number of people who use Amazon to purchase products only continues to grow by the millions as each year passes.

This means that there is clearly not a demand issue, and there is plenty of room for new sellers to rank, become pedestaled, and feature competitiveness.

Remember, you have the potential at your figure tips, but ensuring success with reselling on Amazon really boils down to how much effort you put into it.

The more work and due diligence you put in, the better your odds will be at succeeding (the Amazon seller app can also help you with running your seller account).

The best thing you can do is streamline your reselling methods and take advantage of the tips and advice provided above because that is what is going to give you the best path forward to not only reaching your reselling objectives, but exceeding them.

Good luck on Your Amazon Seller Journey!

PS – You if you are interested in selling on Amazon or Amazon retail arbitrage might also like to read about what categories are gated on Amazon or learn about brand gating on Amazon.

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Vinny Ly

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