Refund Policy


Updated: June 2, 2020

Our category approval services come with an approval guarantee as it takes a few attempts for approval from Amazon. We currently have a 100% success rate to date until our obligation is fulfilled. If for some reason you are not approved, we will initiate a full refund for the portion of service we were unable to fulfill. You agree to allow our team to work on your account for a 60 days from date of service purchase to achieve full approval during the ungating process.

Our company will charge the designated amount per the ungating package client chose once the ungating approval application case is opened and submitted to Amazon’s approval team. Client agrees to the refund policy set forth below:

If a refund is manually requested by the client before the 60 day working period (Day 1 starting on date of purchase), a 100% early termination fee will apply to offset staff’s time and cost during the period of working on client’s case. The client is eligible for full refund after the 60th day of placing the

order if Ungating Amazon is unable to fully gain approval for the chosen package.

Below are circumstances in which we WILL NOT refund once payment for our ungating services is verified:

Under the event that Amazon changes policy and process for approval, and re-gates a category or brand we have ungated you for, you must repurchase the service. Amazon updates their processes all the time and we have no control over this. Please contact our support team about this prior to purchasing our service. 

We will not refund if your amazon account’s health or metrics are the reason of your denial and/or the ability to submit an application. Please review your metrics prior to paying for our service as we have zero control over your Amazon seller’s account metrics.

We will not refund for paid services if the client “suddenly discovers” after purchasing our service (or obtain documentation from us) that you are already approved/ungated for the category you requested assistance.

We will not refund if we initiate the ungating approval process and you (the client) interjects the communication threads between us and Amazon.

We will not refund or ungate another category in place of a category ungating purchased. Please verify the exact service you need prior to purchasing our services. Or simply speak to one of our agents with questions.

If we have provided assistance to you (or your company) and have not heard from you within 7 days from our last communication (email or facebook messenger), we will then consider your ungating a “success”. As a company, we work with all clients on a “one-on-one basis” from start to finish. Replying to us weeks later stating there was was issues with your application will not be tolerated. We expect reasonable reply times from our

clients as you would from us regarding our services. At such times, no refunds will be granted due to communication negligence on the client’s behalf. We can’t continue to assist client without proper communication from both parties.

If you made a purchase for one of our “category ungating bundles” (2 or more categories), please know that we will only provide partial refund for those categories that was not ungated/ approved (see example below):


You made a purchase for 1. Grocery & 2. Automotive. We successfully ungated grocery, but not automotive. At that time, we would initiate a “partial” refund for the automotive, since we were unable to fully approved that category and fulfill that portion of the service on our end.

We will not refund or ungate a category ungating service purchased for one marketplace in place of another. In other words, if you purchased a category for the US marketplace and decide you want to gain approval for UK marketplace instead, this would not be honored. Please verify the exact service and marketplace you need prior to purchasing our services.

We will request specific Amazon seller account information in order to assist you properly with the approval. We expect that all information provided me exact and accurate by the client. To add, this information should not change during the application process unless approved by our team. Not wishing to follow our guidance will result in no refunds being issued due to neglect. We expect precise information from each client in order to properly assist in the fastest manner possible.

Ungating Amazon Services will not be responsible nor refund the rendering of our services should Amazon changes their “category directory structure layout” or determine that your recent category approval (we assisted with) has been suddenly revoked. This includes examples such as, but not limited to: account suspension, ASIN issues, brand gated issues, neglectful seller account management , or lack of or no sales activity in that certain category once approved. We do not control Amazon or an Amazon sellers account once approved with our services. Upon client’s payment for service, client agrees to the work order agreement below Work Order Agreement

1. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate at an appropriate timeframe. We expect client to respond to our inquiry within 48 business hours. The approval requires adequate communications between us the service provider, and client, in order to successfully fulfill the order. Communication delays from client will offset the approval process, which cost and waste our administrator’s time and cost. If client does not respond within 48 business hours, we will render the order complete with a courtesy email notification.

2. Client agrees to allow us up to 60 days to assist client with the fulfillment of their order (starting from order date below). Every client’s approval process is unique and different. What works for one client may not work for another. Therefore, with the troubleshooting of Amazon, the fulfillment may take as little as 3 days or as delayed as 60 day. Client is eligible for a full 100% refund, if client is not fully approved for their chosen brand or category after 60 days from initial payment. If client request an early refund prior to the 60 days timeframe, starting from the day of initial payment, client will be entitled to 0% refund, as to cover the expense and time incur. Overall, we ask that client be patience during the approval process as there may be many unknown bumps with amazon that our team must troubleshoot.

3. Once client have chosen their desired category or brands to ungate for approval and sign this agreement, client may not change their mind on the accounts they wish to gain approval for, nor can they change the brands or category requested. Our team incur cost in order to fulfill the approval for client, therefore, if client keeps changing their mind, our team will spend money on approval for no reason. To avoid this, client must be sure the brands and categories they want approval for, is what they want, prior to agreeing to these terms. 

4. Overall, we are here to help and our job here is to help guide you through the ungating approval process. Communication is paramount to the completion of the ungating process. (the service provider) will guide, consult, and advise the client throughout the fulfillment of the service until the client is fully approved in the brands and categories client have chosen for approval.

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