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Prohibited Products On Amazon

Amazon’s Prohibited Product Claims Policy

Prohibited Products On Amazon

For new sellers on Amazon, success is linked to finding the right products. You need products with a certain level of demand but with little competition, and when you find products like this, you are excited until you discover that they are prohibited.

If you discover that the product you want to start selling on Amazon is prohibited, you need to pause and rethink your steps.

You could face unplanned consequences if you go ahead and list these products.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about prohibited products on Amazon.

The information applies to selling in the USA.

Let’s start by determining what it means for a product to be prohibited.

What Are Prohibited Products?

Prohibited products are those products Amazon does not allow sellers to list. This could be because of legal restrictions or because the products do not meet the requirements stated by law and Amazon. What does this mean for sellers? By restricting entry to these categories, Amazon ensures that you won’t be able to sell these products on Amazon, no matter how high in demand or profitable they are, at least not until you show that the products meet all the requirements and obeys all Federal, State, and Local laws. But why does Amazon restrict some products and leave others without any restriction?

Why Are Some Amazon Products Restricted?

Why is Amazon applying restrictions to certain categories?

The reasons are simple.

1. First and foremost is that Amazon takes pride in being customer-centric.

Amazon wants buyers to get the best products at the best prices. It also wants to ensure that customers are safe after using the products they buy from the platform.

So they restrict products that might constitute harm to the user. These include products that were illegally replicated, made from hazardous materials, or did not meet the safety requirements.

2. Another reason for the restrictions is that Amazon wants to stay on the right side of the law.

So it will prohibit certain products that have the potential to get them on the wrong side.

They will strictly scrutinize every product before listing it and will not allow you to list any products that do not agree with the Laws.

3. Another factor that guides product restrictions is geography. Depending on where you sell, Amazon might subject different products to geographic restrictions, and what is restricted in one country might not be in another state.

For example, there is a long list of prohibited products in the USA, but this list grows significantly shorter if you sell in the UK.

What Are The Consequences Of Trying To List Products In Amazon Restricted Categories?

If you are a seller on Amazon, you should take these restrictions seriously. Ignoring them comes with several negative implications.

If it is your first time, Amazon will notify you about the issue and tell you the necessary steps to take. The best course of action would be to follow the instruction Amazon gives you.

If you continue violating the restrictions, Amazon might remove your listing or limit your listing privileges.

And this is the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, they could suspend or remove your selling privileges or even ban your professional seller account.

While we understand that this makes it more difficult for sellers, it would be easier to learn and follow Amazon’s rules.

How Do I Avoid Selling Prohibited Products?

The list of restricted products on Amazon is quite long, and keeping tabs on all of them can be difficult. However, you have to find a way to avoid selling these products, which is why we are giving a couple of tips on avoiding listing products in a restricted category and protecting your account.

1. Know The Regulations In Your Product Categories

There is a long list of prohibited products on Amazon, but that does not mean you should learn the legal implications of all the products. If you are listing products in a particular category, learn the regulatory requirements guiding that category. These include Federal, state, and local laws. If you are on the right side of the law, there is a high chance that the product is not restricted.

2. If The Product Requires Sellers to Apply for Approval, Be Sure to Apply

Illegal products are not the only prohibited or restricted products on Amazon. Some products require permission from Amazon before you can list them. If you intend to sell these products, you must apply and get this approval first. Sometimes, for experienced sellers, the approval process is as simple as clicking the request approval button. However, sometimes you might have to provide a supplemental guarantee and additional information before you will get approved. The entire process is usually fairly straightforward.

3. Remove Any Restricted Products You Have Listed

With the numerous rules, Amazon has, it is easy to list a prohibited product without knowing that you have done so. If you mistakenly list a restricted product, remove the listing from the site immediately and completely too. If Amazon gets wind of what you have done, they will take the necessary actions. You would not want that to happen.

What Are Some Of The Prohibited/Restricted Categories on Amazon?

Before we list the product categories, we want you to know that it is alright to be shocked at first glance,.

But if you think about it, you will see that it is logical for most categories on the list to have some restrictions.

And apart from this list, there are also other restricted products on Amazon. And there are prohibited brands and sub-category niches too.

For some of these categories, applying for approval is all you need to sell them.

For others, the restrictions are stricter, so selling them would be more difficult.

The following products have restrictions placed on them:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals & animal-related products
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Counterfeit Products 
  • The list is quite extensive and it would be best if you reviewed the complete information on Amazon Directly. Click Here for the List 

Finally, all of these rules are to ensure that your products meet federal, state, and local laws and that the children wearing them are kept safe.

Our Final Advice? Comply With The Rules when Dealing with Prohibited Products on Amazon!

All your questions about Amazon restricted categories should be answered now.

We understand that the profit from selling prohibited products on Amazon might be tempting for a new Amazon seller, but it is not worth the repercussions if Amazon finds you out. Plus. it might also be against the law.

Read and understand the Amazon policies tied to product listings, and ensure that you follow the requirements when listing any product.

With the ability to reach hundreds of millions of customers on the platform, you are sure to find a product that you can sell while still making a profit.

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