New Seller's Account Instructions

Setup Instructions

Please follow the steps below to setup your account so we can complete your ungating service.

Forward documents to:

Follow the steps below to create your new seller's account

* New Entity – Create a new and unique business name. Then register it with your state.  

* New EIN – Create a new EIN with the new business name you’ve created. You can register one here: 

* Driver’s License & Utility Bills – Please take a photo of your driver’s license along with a PDF copy of your most recent Utility Bill.  

* Billing Address Open a PO Box at your local USPS

* New Bank Account – Opening a business checking account can take a while (3-4 weeks). As they will require your entity’s formation letter (which will take 3-4 weeks for your local state to process). I suggest opening a quick checking account from capitalone 360 checking online. It’s quick and conveniently online.  We’ll temporary use this until you have officially open a business checking account with your preferred bank.

Email Address – I will create this for you (and will provide) once I receive your documents and information from above. 

Phone Number – Buy a business cell from walmart or target that has a new number. If you have an extra phone, I suggest signing up for mint mobile. They’re pretty low cost at $15 per month.

Delete all amazon apps – Delete all apps relating to seller central amazon on your phone. You may continue to use your buyer’s account.  


Are Amazon Stealth Accounts illegal?

No. Amazon does not support multiple accounts, but that doesn’t make them illegal. 

Does Amazon support multiple accounts?

If you apply for a second account, they may permit you if you have a good reason. Historically, it is very difficult gain a 2nd account permission directly from Amazon. 

How does Amazon detect multiple accounts?

Amazon monitors account through their IP address, digital fingerprints, and identity verification protocol.