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Is Pet Supplies a Gated Category on Amazon?

Selling Pet Supplies on Amazon

Is Pet Supplies a Gated Category on Amazon

The pet care industry is seeing a massive boom. In fact, it is projected to reach around 269 billion dollars by 2025.

With this kind of promise, it is not surprising that many people are looking for ways to venture into the industry.

E-commerce has made this process easier. They allow you to sell these pet supplies without the hassle of real-time retail. Amazon is arguably the largest E-commerce platform, and its pet supply category has seen impressive growth.

It is expected that by the same 2025, the pet supply category on Amazon will reach $27.2bn. But why this massive growth, and how will you benefit from it?

To understand the growth and your specific opportunities, let’s first find out whether pet supplies are gated, if yes, why?

Is Selling Pet Food On Amazon Worth It ?

Yes, and the reason is simple. People treat their pets as part of the family.

It is not rare to find a pet parent spending over $100 on their pets each month, and most of this money is spent on food and health supplies.

In 2020 alone, dog food sales saw over a 50% increase. The implication is that people are buying pet food, and they are doing so regularly.

These people will prefer a place where they can easily order these products and have them delivered.

They will also want a platform that offers subscription services. This is where Amazon comes in.

With the many advantages it offers buyers and sellers, Amazon has the go-to place to buy and sell pet food.

What does that mean for someone who wants to sell pet food on Amazon? It simply means that you have a good chance of raking in profits.

However, Amazon is strict with this category. You can’t just list some leftovers your dog couldn’t finish on Amazon and sell.

Fortunately, this guide has all the information you need on selling pet foods on Amazon.

We will look at why the product category is strictly guarded and the products you are allowed to sell in this category.

Learn more about other gated categories.

Why Is the Pet Category Restricted for Sellers?

The major reason why Amazon is strict about the products listed in this category is that pets are an important part of most families.

Any family with a pet considers it a part of the family and wants the best for it. It would be a shame if they were to buy pet food from anywhere and their pet suffers from it.

This could lead to bad press and negatively affect the reputation Amazon has worked so hard to create.

Amazon is considered one of the most trusted places to shop online, and if this trust is questioned, the blowback will affect Amazon, the buyers, and the sellers.

To prevent this, Amazon ensures that it places necessary restrictions on products like pet food.

Another reason for these restrictions is that Amazon is obligated to follow Federal laws, which means that the sellers on the Amazon platform are also obligated to follow these laws.

Pet foods are considered food items, just like human grade, so the FDA regulates their manufacture.

Therefore Amazon will not list products that go against federal, state, and local laws.

What Does This Category Include?

The pet food category includes foods that are intended for consumption by pets.

Dog food, cat food, treats, snacks, and veterinary diets. These foods can be dry or wet, and they can be specific to any pet.

On Amazon, the most popular products are dog and cat foods. These food items should be produced under sanitary conditions, safe to eat, properly labeled, and contain no poisonous or harmful substances.

Harmful substances here include micro-organisms that might be a result of processing.

What Are the Differences in Being Approved to Sell Brand Name Food versus Your Own Homemade Pet Food?

There are two options available to people who sell pet foods on Amazon.

They can either:

  1. Sell brand names or
  2. Create their own pet food.

Selling brand names comes with various advantages. For instance, you do not have to start building brand awareness from scratch, making it easier to make more sales. In fact, most people would rather buy a product from a known brand than one they do not know.

However, there are disadvantages to these, too. To list pet supplies products, you have to buy a certain amount from a recognized distributor.  Many people may not want to risk making such a big purchase when they are not sure of selling them all off.

Another option would be to make your pet food line. However, you should know that Amazon prohibits the sale of handmade pet foods or treats.

If you still decide to make your pet food, you must meet specific requirements the FDA sets. These include regulations about ingredients, processing, and labeling. If these requirements are not met, Amazon will not let you list your product.

The Competitive World of Pet Food

One thing you should know before you start selling pet food on Amazon is how competitive the category is. Some big-name players sell their brand of pet foods on Amazon, and even Amazon itself has its brand of dog food.

If you decide to start selling pet food, you must be ready for the competition that follows.

You don’t just need a fantastic product; you also need a marketing strategy.

If you have a solid marketing strategy and a product that meets all the requirements stated by Amazon, you should be able to profit from selling pet food on Amazon.

Final Note on Ungating Pet Supplies on Amazon

More people are buying things online, and these include pet supplies.

Amazon has a huge share of these purchases. This makes Amazon one of the best places to sell pet foods.

Pet foods are always on the Amazon best-selling list because it is a regular requirement, and more people are adopting pets.

Amazon might have strict regulations and requirements before you can sell these products, but this is because they want the best for the sellers and the buyers.

If you have a product that meets these requirements and a strong marketing strategy, nothing stops you from reaping the benefits of selling pet foods on Amazon. Therefore, you should consider ungating pet supplies to increase your business revenue.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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