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Is It Worth It To Sell Books On Amazon?

Most Profitable Books to Sell on Amazon

Is It Worth It To Sell Books On Amazon?

You probably already know that Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces, started as a small online bookshop.

You could visit the website, and buy print books, then have them delivered right to you.

Over the years, this small online bookshop would evolve to become an online retail giant and a force to reckon with among other retail giants.

Now, however, they are not just a bookstore anymore. They sell different products in different categories catering to more than two billion buyers monthly and hosting about 9.7 million sellers.

Does this mean that they stopped selling books? No! Amazon still sells books, and people eager enough to sell in this category get the opportunity to reap great revenue if they do it right.

When it comes to selling books on Amazon, some people get scared because of all the competition that digitization has brought.

But, remember, Amazon has managed to keep up, and still provides sellers the opportunity to profit from selling their books.

Is Selling Books On Amazon Worth It?

When people think about selling books on Amazon, these are probably the first questions they ask themselves.

Is it worth it? Can I make a profit from selling books?

And there are justifiable reasons why they think this way. Amazon started as a bookshop, meaning anyone hoping to sell on the platform has to deal with a certain level of competition from those already selling books on the platform. The stress of carving out a loyal following might deter some people from selling books on Amazon.

Furthermore, it might look like this is a bad time to sell books, as the rate of readers keeps decreasing and modern entertainment mediums keep popping up.

However, the truth remains that selling books on Amazon has the potential to be profitable and is definitely worth it.

In fact, books were one of the most popular product categories on Amazon in 2021, showing that many people are not ready to give up on the joys of reading good old fashioned print.

Amazon makes it even easier to sell books on its platform, providing sellers with multiple order fulfillment options. Combined with the low cost of entry and the almost non-existent risk level, selling books on Amazon begins to sound more tempting, doesn’t it?

To answer your question, yes, selling books on Amazon is worth it. But before you start, there are a few things to note.

If you are just starting your Amazon journey, this guide for beginners might help.

Can I Sell Used Books On Amazon?

Of course! Used books might not have as much popularity as new ones among buyers, but many people are already selling them on Amazon. And if many people are doing it, it must be good.

Used books are easier to come by and cheaper to buy. They have the potential to drive a huge profit if you manage to get a good deal. You can sell your old books or buy used books from your family and friends at a very cheap price.

Your local bookshops or a neighborhood garage sale might be hiding a fortune in used books. You can get these books at a very cheap price. Do you see now how profitable selling used books can be?

Finally, one thing you should know is this. There is a difference between used books and antique books. Restrictions may come with selling the antiques if you label them as such.

Additionally, comic books which may be classified in the Entertainment Collectibles category may also be restricted in some way. To be sure, you will want to speak to us about our ungating services and how we can help you sell without restrictions.

Can I Sell New Books?

Most customers who come on Amazon to search for books are looking for new books.

Selling them will give you a better chance at making sales, but this comes with challenges.

For one, new books are hard to acquire. Your best bet would be to get them from distributors and publishers, which will require you to make a bulk purchase.

Unless you have already gathered a loyal following on the platform, this might sound too risky because of the cost.

However, selling new books is a good idea if you have the money to undertake such a purchase.

Is There A Textbook Market On Amazon?

The truth is that many booksellers on Amazon focus on textbooks which is a telltale sign of a flourishing textbook market.

Textbooks are always in demand because people need them for school, and because they come at a higher price, you can profit from selling them.

And the good thing is that you can easily get and sell used textbooks from students who are done using them.

Amazon Kindle: A Modern Twist To Selling Books

Selling books on Amazon took a new turn when Amazon introduced Kindle as a self-publishing tool.

Kindle started as a physical device that allowed people to carry their books wherever they went on a small mobile device.

It sold out almost immediately after its launch showing that the world was ready for the ebook market. So to meet up with this demand, Amazon launched Kindle Direct publishing.

Now individuals can write and sell their own books on Amazon. All you need is a complete manuscript and book cover that complies with Amazon’s rules on content and quality.

Kindle has greatly reduced the challenges people face when trying to publish and sell books. With Kindle, not only can you sell books, but you can also author your own books.

Final Note on Selling Books on Amazon

We hope you have the answer to the question you had before you found this page.

Selling books on Amazon is worth it, and the many opportunities Amazon offers make the process easier and the chances of profit higher.

However, ensure you study the market and only start selling when you have researched enough to reassure yourself that it is worth the risk.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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