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How To Sell Antiques on Amazon

Can I Sell Antiques on Amazon?

How To Sell Antiques On Amazon

The market for antiques and collectibles sold online in the United States is expected to reach a value of $1.7 billion in 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 4 percent. Therefore, the potential is enormous!

For individuals interested in entering the world of e-commerce, Amazon represents significant potential.

Amazon generated $469 billion in revenue in the year 2021, with sales by third parties contributing to more than half of that total.

The above statistics show why selling Amazon antiques is a good idea. Let’s explore how you can sell antiques on Amazon.

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What is the Difference Between “Antique” and “Used”?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of selling antiques on Amazon, let’s understand what an antique means and why it is different from a used product.

A good rule of thumb is to use one hundred years. An item is considered “antique” if it’s over 100 years old. If it’s in decent condition, you should be able to command an even greater price.

The market for antiques is unique because collectors from bygone eras know exactly what they want and don’t mind paying top dollar for items that have quality and personality.

On the other hand, an item is said to be ‘used’ if it has been used or owned by at least one other person in the past.

It could have been bought six months ago or two years ago. If one person uses it at some point, it is considered used or preowned.

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What Antiques Can You Sell on Amazon?

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular items to sell when you are looking to start or grow your antique business on Amazon.

Antique Jewelry Box

From intricate curios to beautiful ballerina dances, jewelry boxes have been present for thousands of years.

However, there are a few styles of jewelry boxes that are still in demand, and you can sell them. Here are few examples:

  • Compact jewelry boxes
  • Upright jewelry closet-style boxes
  • Designer jewelry boxes
  • Jewelry cabinets
  • Lacquer jewelry boxes

Antique Picture Frames

Antique picture frame designs range from elaborate gold to straightforward timber, yet they are all lovely.

Learn about your options and how to recognize the various antique picture frames if you want to highlight a special photograph or add a mirror to a beautiful frame.

Examples are:

  • Early American wood frames
  • Gilded Victorian frames
  • Arts and crafts picture frames

Antique Books

To be considered collectible, a book must be unique in some way that is reasonably assumed to increase its value to a collector. That uniqueness could include first editions and first printings; signed, inscribed, or scare copies; advance reading copies and uncorrected proofs of out-of-print books; and signed, inscribed, or scare copies of out-of-print books.

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Antique Rings and Jewelry

The common understanding of what constitutes an antique, whether a piece of furniture or jewelry, is that it must be at least a century old. According to this classification, any rings manufactured before 1922 are considered antiques, and any rings made after that year are either deemed vintage or modern.

Antique Typewriters

A human innovation with one of the longest and most interesting histories is the typewriter. There are a significant number of people whose names are associated with the development of the typewriter.

If you plan to sell an antique typewriter, you may choose from a wide variety of different typewriter brands.

  • Underwood
  • First Remington
  • Oliver Typewriters

Antique Clocks

Clocks from the past are more complex than most antiques. They demonstrate not just the clockmaker’s skill, but also, the skills of the cabinet maker, the polisher, the engraver, the brass caster, and even the dial painter.

Here are some examples:

  • Wall clocks
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Bracket clocks
  • Carriage clocks
  • Novelty clocks

Antique Cameras

As explained earlier, an antique camera is at least 100 years old. Such a camera would have a long history.

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Tips For Selling Antiques on Amazon

For you to list an item as an antique or collectible in Amazon speak, there are certain criteria that your item must meet. Reading and understanding those requirements is very important, and is the first step to selling an item as a collectible or antique on Amazon.

Where To Source Your Antiques

Finding antique customers interested in purchasing is the most crucial phase in building a successful online antique store.

When selling antiques, you will deal with one-of-a-kind items or very small amounts of each product, not large stocks. This indicates a greater possibility that you will spend significant time locating and purchasing new merchandise.

Niching down can assist you in acquiring the knowledge necessary to run a profitable business. Your specialized market ought to be one that not only piques your interest but also garners the interest of others.

Learning how to recognize genuine antiques is another important skill to have. For instance, antiques made of glass, porcelain, and metal, might have to identify marks. These marks can help you determine when and where the object was manufactured.

You can get antiques from:

  • Flea markets
  • Auctions
  • Antique dealers
  • Pawn shops
  • Thrift shop

If you live in a small community, you might travel to a bigger city to get a better selection and price.

Create a Brand

The success of your business in the antique market strongly depends on your ability to build customers’ faith in your brand.

Before they purchase from you, your clients must believe you are providing genuine goods at a reasonable price.

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Showcase Your Antiques

When selling antiques, it is essential to remember that beauty and history take precedence over functionality.

Therefore, it is essential to exhibit the antiques appropriately when selling them online.

Great Product Images

Because you will probably only be selling a single example or a small number of each antique, it is vital to take photographs explaining the design and intricate details of the item.

Take photographs of the merchandise to highlight all of the unique characteristics of the antique. To emphasize the most exciting aspects of your antique, stage it against a white background and illuminate it well.

You could also include photographs of the antique within a house setting to assist the customer in visualizing how the item might appear within their abode if they were to purchase it.

Create Catchy Product Descriptions

Your product description ought to be composed of two primary components.

1. Information on the product.

2. Content that is inspirational and encourages the consumer to genuinely visualize having that particular antique in their house.

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Set Prices for Your Antiques

Antiques can be challenging to value because they are frequently one of a kind.

The age and condition of each product can result in a significant difference in the price you get to charge for them, even if you have two similar things.

When determining the price for your goods, consider the unique condition of the antiques you’re selling and what other antiques have recently sold for.

Ship Your Antiques

Thinking about how you’ll package and ship your antiques after they’ve been sold is crucial because many of them are delicate and priceless.Yo definietely don’t want any accidents especially since it might affect your Amazon account health.

Although many shipping companies, including FedEx and DHL, may carry antiques, you might have to sign a declaration depending on their nature and value. Read the courier rules to be sure.

Market and Advertise

If no one sees your business, you won’t ever generate sales even if you have the best online store in the world and provide the most amazing antiques at the best prices. Here is where effective marketing may help.

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Final Note on How to Sell Antiques on Amazon

Selling antiques on Amazon could be a little tricky, considering the platform is best known for new gadgets.

However, you can sell without hassle with proper research and extra effort. Just follow the above tips.

But, save yourself the time and aggravation and let us help you work your way through the approval process. Our help is just an orange click away!

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