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How to Make Money with Amazon FBA

Is Fulfillment by Amazon Worth it for Sellers?

make money on Amazon with retail arbitrage and selling on AmazonWith Amazon being the dominating marketplace that it is, there is no denying that the strive to learn how to make money with Amazon FBA is a hot topic amongst sellers.

In fact, Amazon is known to be the top lucrative eCommerce platform to date, and holding a net worth of $1.7 trillion, it is clear that this resource is not going anywhere any time soon.

Regardless if you are aware of the beastliness of Amazon, something that has been on the rise is if the Amazon FBA solution is still a profitable route to take to make money selling.

For the short and sweet answer, yes, of course it is. But to give you more insight as to why, below we will share a comprehensive overview of what the program actually is, what it does, and just how you can make money with it yourself.

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What Is Amazon FBA?

Before learning how to make money with Amazon, first you should know the underlying basics of what it is.

In general, Fulfillment by Amazon is a powerful feature that Amazon developed to support both seasoned and new sellers in optimizing their business success.

It is a systematic process that streamlines distribution on the seller’s behalf and levitates them from their fulfillment duties so they can focus on growing their brand even more.

In simpler terms, Amazon FBA can give you the much-needed time you need to work on scaling your business, promote brand awareness, and do so with the confidence that a professional team is taking care of the fulfillment.

How Does it Work?

In a nutshell Amazon  is essentially taking care of all the backend work, so you don’t have to!

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for the program on your business account, send your specific products to Amazon for them to safely store in one of their warehouses, and let them handle the rest. What do they do exactly?

  • You continue to market your products and drive more sales.
  • When an order comes in, Amazon professionals will be notified and will then work on pulling your product(s) from the warehouse to prepare for shipment.
  • They will then take the necessary steps in the shipping process to deliver the product to the respected customer in quality condition.
  • If there are any malfunctions, questions, or issues that result in refunds or returns, Amazon takes care of this on your behalf.
  • On a bi-weekly basis, Amazon will deposit your profits you make right into your account.

Amazon will usually let you know when your inventory is running low and to send more products. However, do your due diligence as well on this and track inventory yourself so you are never caught off guard.

How Can Make You Money From It?

The big question that you are probably skimming for is how to make money by selling on Amazon.

The thing to remember here is that is you want to sell on Amazon, they will not generate income for you, but it can be your perfect fulfillment partner to help you reach your monetized goals.

Just like other outside 3PL companies, their mission is to help businesses like yours thrive, and the part they play revolves around giving you more time to work on growing your business, sell more products on Amazon to make more money and scale your business.

With that being said, aside from the prevalent fulfillment services Amazon FBA provides, this program supports sellers in making more money in several different ways.

  • It Leverages Its Reputation: Amazon has high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction, and because of that, it gives buyers the peace of mind they are getting products from a place they can trust. By using Amazon, you are instilling more confidence in your buyers and within your own mind that the fulfillment process is being handled with the utmost respect, quality, and care. This, in turn, can lead to many more 5-star reviews for you, which become the catalyst for more sales (at a  nice retail price) in the future.
  • Much Faster Processing: Amazon has a sole job to handle the fulfillment of items from start to finish. They do you have to worry about marketing or other business relations like you do, which means they can process orders much faster and efficiently. Again, delivering faster and ahead of time is always something customers like to experience.
  • You Will Gain A Higher Amazon Ranking: Believe it or not, part of the Amazon algorithm entails if a seller is a part of their program or not. When you sign up, you are more likely to rank higher in search results, which means more traffic visibility. In turn, you gain more sales.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping for the items you sell can be a deal-breaker for a lot of customers shopping online. When they see that something comes with free shipping, it gives them more motivation to follow through with the sale. Though you can offer this yourself, it may mean you need to increase prices to fulfill the margin you have to pay for in regards to shipping on your own. With Amazon fulfillment, you can keep your competitive pricing, offer free shipping, and gain that competitive advantage within your industry all in one shot.
  • You Can Break Away and Still Make Money: Those who are running a solo business and doing the order processing on their own means that you must be available at all times to keep the train moving. When an order comes in, you have to be around to pull it from your inventory, package it, and send it off for shipping. This means you either would have to allocate your process to someone else if you wish to take a vacation or merely not take a break at all. But with Amazon fulfillment, you can break away from your business and still know that your orders are being completed. You still get to make money and build your reputation even when you are not around, and that is a level of comfort that every business owner deserves to have.

Conclusion – Optimize Your Profits with Amazon FBA

Learning how to make money with Amazon FBA is something you want the best shot at growing your business to new levels.

Sure, you can certainly take on the entire process on your own, but know that doing so leaves little margin for you to spend time promoting, marketing, and gaining organic traffic to build your brand up.

Overall, the Amazon retail arbitrage program does involve varying fees that you will need to take on, which is something that tends to deter new sellers away from it.

However, getting involved with this resource and using that extra time you gain wisely to develop your business can result in a hefty return on your investment; profits you may not have seen if you tried doing everything by yourself.

In summary, the choice is entirely up to you and what you believe is best for your business.

Just know that the Amazon FBA retail arbitrage does exist, and you can certainly make money from it. Now naturally, this is not a program for everyone.

If you decide later on after enrolling that it is not for you, then the process to go back to traditional methods is a seamless one.

This reality is what makes this idea such an outstanding solution to at least try out to see if it can help you run a much more profitable business.

Just know that whatever you decide, you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by at least testing it out for yourself.

Good luck!

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