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How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon

Can I Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon? How hard is it?

Ungating Amazon Toy Category

You’ve probably heard how profitable selling toys on Amazon can be, especially seeing that Amazon provides a consistent customer base to help one sell out.

However, a question remains, how can you get unrestricted access to selling toys on Amazon?

Read on to find out!

You need an Amazon wholesale account to get ungated and sell your toys on Amazon. It is important that you also bought your toys from a verified wholesaler.

Only then can you proceed to request approval from Amazon to sell toys. Also, ensure that your toys are permitted for sale.

Lastly, keep your selling rates up-to-date to get the best deal for your toys.

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How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon?

Getting unrestricted access to toys on Amazon is primarily a matter of approval. Amazon toy approval requests aren’t usually complicated, but they can take a while.

To become ungated in toys on Amazon, you must first obtain an approved Amazon selling account by either opening an Amazon wholesale account or buying products from a verified wholesaler.

Also, remember that before requesting approval, you must first check your Amazon Seller Central account for product restrictions. You can do this by following the steps below.

1. Select Inventory from your Seller Central account

2. Select “Add a Product”

3. Look for the toy you want to sell in the appropriate category

4. If it returns as restricted, click the “Listing Limitations Apply” button, and then finally,

5. Click the “Request Approval” option to confirm.

After following the step-by-step procedures above, you might get an instant response stating that your request is approved, or you’ll be asked for more information, which could be more complicated.

In this case, we would recommend you use our ungating services to streamline the process and get you going faster. To move forward, you will need to submit detailed wholesale invoices and information about your company products for Amazon to decide whether or not to grant you access to the restricted category.

Again, we would suggest you have a talk with us so we can help you reach your ungating amazon goals.

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How To Get Approved to Sell Toys on Amazon

Regular Amazon Sellers with a good score should be familiar with this process. However, for newbies and those who have issues with their seller score, it can be quite daunting but don’t worry; we’ll show you how to get that approval.

As a new seller on Amazon, you will notice some restricted categories that you cannot sell, such as toys and groceries. This means that you are gated and must be ungated to sell your toys. Ungating on Amazon is fairly simple once you know what steps to take.

Follow these three steps, and Amazon might approve your first trial:

But before we explain those steps, why not save yourself the hassle, and click the yellow button, then get started by talking to us?

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Our Guides to Ungating Specific Toy Brands on Amazon

If you have a toy in mind that you want to sell, check out these companies to see what is required.

Now, back to the steps if you have choosen to apply to the Amazon Toys Category on your own.

Step 1: Choose the Right Wholesaler

The first step is to find the right wholesaler to buy from. To become ungated on Amazon restricted items, you must buy at least 10 of a single item in a category like Toys. Purchase these items from a wholesaler rather than a retail store, and buy the cheapest item available. Once you’ve been approved, you can resell these items on Amazon.

Step 2: Submit a Purchase Invoice

You must submit an invoice and photographs of the product you are attempting to get ungated. Some items may necessitate the taking of photographs, while others do not. Amazon will not accept blurred photos, so make certain that you fill all the boxes. Next, proceed to enter the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of the item you want to sell and then click “Apply to sell” and select the “Request Approval” button.

Step 3: Await Your Approval

Once you’ve met all of the criteria and submitted your application, patiently await your approval. Because the approval process varies, there is no one-size-fits-all timeline. Some may take hours or weeks, while others may take months.

How To Sell Toys on Amazon

Essentially, selling Toys on Amazon requires four basic steps:

1. Create an approved Amazon seller account

2. List your Toys in their categories

3. Deliver to customers either by Amazon FBA, easy-ship or self-ship

4. And finally, get paid weekly.

Why Do I Need Permission to Sell Toys on Amazon?

Toys require permission to be sold because they are delicate products. Any mishap with them would result in an unhappy customer, which the brand would prefer to avoid.

Plus, poorly made toys can be dangerous either through the pieces used or the construction material ingredients.

Therefore, Amazon has a very specific set of regulations on the platform to ensure the legitimacy of new sellers, so that they do not undermine customers’ trust in the platform.

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How To Sell Your Toys on Amazon During Special Holidays

Special holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer vacation are ideal for putting your Amazon selling skills to the test.

Tips for obtaining gated toys on Amazon, particularly during special holidays:

  • Ensure your order defect rate is minimal (less than 1%)
  • Apply pro-seller tactics during these periods
  • Maintain a well-established account with good selling rates
  • Three months of sales experience is required
  • A return address in the selling country OR the option of free delivery
  • Your customer service review should be good

How To Improve Your Selling Rates on Amazon

Getting approval to sell your toys on Amazon is simple. However, if you want to sell your toys during the holiday season, you may need to pay extra attention to your selling rates and account health. These are the steps you must take regardless of the season to ensure your selling rates are current:

  • You should have made your first Amazon sale by the Fall, but it doesn’t have to be in the Toys category. You can focus on toy sales when you have a good selling score.
  • Your order defect rate should be current because this will be used to evaluate your profile.
  • To keep your account metrics okay, you must have a late shipment rate of less than 4%
  • It would be best to have a less than 1% order defect rate, so avoid rescinding orders from your customers as the rules tighten during the holidays.

Sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the Seller Central Performance section to view these rates.

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Can I Sell Toys on Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) enables Amazon businesses, such as toy sellers, to use Amazon’s logistics network to boost their business growth. Once you have received approval as an Amazon seller, selling your toys on Amazon FBA becomes easy.

Why Can’t I Sell Toys on Amazon?

If you are selling toys on Amazon, you need legitimate approval before selling them. You probably cannot sell your toys on amazon because you don’t have one. This approval ensures that your business can deliver the products you’re about to sell, and that customer orders are secure.

Final Note on How to Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon

While these requirements may change over time, they are still valid for Amazon approval at the present.

If you were wondering how to get ungated on Amazon Toys, we hope this article has helped.

So, keep these basic tips in mind as you consider listing your toys on Amazon, and your selling experience will be both enjoyable and efficient!

But really, click the Orange Button below, and let us give you a helping hand now!

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