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Guide to Selling Pet Food On Amazon

How to Get Approved to Sell Pet Food on Amazon


According to Statista, only 17 percent of all pet supply transactions in the United States are made online.

Nonetheless, Amazon accounts for a significant portion of that 17 percent. Pet Supplies on Amazon have grown greatly during the past few years.

Based on One Click Retail statistics, sales increased by 30% in 2017, and the sector raked in about $800 million in the first half of 2018. Pet food accounts for about half of all sales, making it the section’s most selling category.

Amazon’s Pet Supplies category is large and has a ton of potential. However, there are several contending sellers, both online and in person.

As the online sale of pet food grows increasingly competitive, pet food businesses are producing diverse goods to meet the needs of various breeds, dietary restrictions, ages, and budgets. 

Therefore, we want to know about how to get approved to sell pet food on Amazon!

What Is the Pet Supplies Category on Amazon?

Apart from food, the pet supplies category includes a few other subsections, which are:

1. Dog Supplies

1. Grooming supplies, carriers and travel products, health supplies, feeding, and water supplies, diapers and potty training, dog collars, leashes and harnesses, flea and tick control. 

2. Cat Supplies

Beds and furniture, apparel, grooming supplies, health supplies, collars, leashes and harnesses, carriers and strollers, memorials and funeral supplies, toys, treats, repellents and training aids, flea and tick control.

3. Fish and aquatic pet supplies

Automatic feeders, aquarium, health supplies, and aquarium supplies.

4. Pet Bird Supplies

Cages, health supplies, carriers, and toys.

5. Amphibians and Reptiles supplies

Terrariums and habitat supplies.

6. Horse Supplies

Grooming, pest control, blankets, health supplies, boots, toys, and farrier supplies. 

7. Small Animal Supplies

Carriers, odor removers, health supplies, houses, grooming, toys, and exercise wheels.

Health supplies are the industry’s segment developing quickly, with an average annual growth rate of 70%. Pet owners have become more sensitive about how they care for their animals’ health.

Pet owners can provide sick pets with a more active lifestyle thanks to health supplements that naturally improve vitamin and mineral levels.

Why Is the Pet Food Category is Strictly Guarded?

Amazon restricts certain categories due to several reasons.

Typically, Amazon aims to lower its risk since many items in that category are counterfeit. 

Before allowing you to sell in these potentially dangerous categories, Amazon wants to ensure that you are a real and honest vendor.

It does not want to be regarded as a site easily exploited by counterfeit goods.

You must follow all applicable federal legislation when selling animal goods and animal-related products.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the components used in pet food to ensure they are safe and serve a purpose in the product.

Many ingredients, including meat, poultry, and cereals, are deemed safe and thus do not demand pre-approval.

Other chemicals, such as mineral, vitamin, or nutrition sources, flavorings, coloring, preservatives, or processing aids, must be generally acceptable for their intended purpose or approved as food additives.

According to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), animal feeding facilities must integrate a food safety policy. The FSMA regulations apply to businesses legally registered as pet food businesses because they make, prepare, pack, or store pet food for sale in the U.S.

Registered animal food factories must adhere to the existing product manufacturing practice in addition to the FSMA criteria (if applicable).

These policies provide guidelines for producing, preparing, packaging, and storing pet food to assure its safety for consumption by animals.

Difference Between Selling Brand Names From Known Manufacturers and Your Handmade Food

Selling pet food from known brands is easy; you need to identify the products you want to sell, know your target market, and have reliable suppliers. 

On the other hand, selling handmade pet food can be quite expensive.

Nevertheless, it is entirely up to you how much money you wish to invest in starting a pet food business. No need to spend a lot on new equipment unless it’s mandatory.

The major requirement to start a handmade pet food business is a kitchen area with basic cooking gear and equipment, cleaning supplies, room for properly storing your goods, and a selling plan.

Handmade food has to go through certain packaging and labeling processes. There are rules governing food labeling and packaging for pet food and treats, just like any other food business.

All food must be labeled properly and must not confuse customers or make medical claims.

Feed labeling regulations allow pet food makers to address a certain product’s physical properties and give buyers further information.

Like other sensitive and risky products, you need a business license to sell handmade pet food on Amazon.

In addition to having a business license, all you need to do is make sure your products comply with Amazon’s policies.

Handmade pet food belongs in the category “Animals and Animal Related Products.”

Do not try to sell them under ‘Amazon handmade,’ as this category excludes the sale of pet food and treats. 

Suppose your food complies with the Animals and Animal Related Products criteria.

In that case, you can sell your handmade food on Amazon with no additional approval or licensing required other than your seller and business license.

What Do Customers Want?

When pet owners buy pet supplies on Amazon, they do it for the ease of competitive price and a wider product range.

They also prefer the option to price-shop and locate discounts and specials, as these are hard to discover in a physical store.

Usually, pet owners prefer to buy food, treats, and medicines online. Seeing good reviews about a product can be a great motivation for shoppers.

Take advantage of this by striving to sell the best products that leave buyers with nothing but good reviews and no choice but to come back for more.

Final Note on How to Get Approved to Sell Pet Food on Amazon

Selling pet food on Amazon can be a lucrative business. Venturing into the pet supplies business requires a reasonable knowledge of the animals you wish to cater to.

Gaining consumer trust is critical in this situation. When pet owners (especially dog owners) find a product on the market, they prefer to buy it repeatedly to avoid potential alterations that may jeopardize their pets’ health and well-being.

Along with gaining consumers’ trust, it is important to ensure that your pet supplies comply with all applicable regulations. Failure to comply would completely tarnish your business.

Approximately 66% of pet parents shop accessories for their pets as a form of appreciation or a show of affection for their pet. That means venturing into the pet accessories business might also be an interesting experience for you. 

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Vinny Ly

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