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How To Find the Right Amazon FBA Ungating Service

FBA Ungating Service

How To Choose the Right Amazon FBA Ungating Service Provider

You can easily grow your business venture on Amazon selling popular products and brands. In most cases, some of these brands like Adidas or Louis Vuitton are restricted.

Some product categories are also restricted from sale until the seller is certified. The certification process that results in being approved for selling some restricted products or brands is what many call ungating. This is not new to established sellers on Amazon.

In fact, if you are seasoned here, you probably know the whole process at your fingertips. Getting ungated to sell restricted products on Amazon could be one of the main impediments to making money on Amazon.

Some people may argue that getting ungated is what opens revenue floodgates; which we completely agree with. Getting ungated for businesses on Amazon is one of the surest ways of making considerable money on the platform.

From reduced competition to boosted credibility, your business enjoys a wide range of benefits that’ll make you swear not to miss the opportunity. If you have never been ungated to sell in restricted categories, then we can help you with our ungating Amazon services.

We offer unlimited ungating services for your business to be approved to sell on Amazon and unlock a mountain of opportunities.

Hire professional ungating services for quick, effective, and guaranteed professionalism towards getting you ungated. Working with us boosts your ungating chances of success considerably.

Let’s examine ways how to find the right Amazon FBA Ungating Service

Why Should You Work with Us to Ungate Your Amazon Store?


We have been helping people and businesses to ungate categories, products, and brands on Amazon for many years, and bring this massive experience to the table for you.


We are an established business and brand with a proven record of adherence to regulations. We, therefore, can handle all your ungating needs and guarantee ultimate satisfaction.


You are our client, and we serve you by ourselves. We have qualified staff who help with your ungating needs which eliminates the need to outsource.


Our network of associates, suppliers, distributors, brands and wholesalers is expansive, hence the ease to obtain the necessary authentic documentation required for Amazon seller ungating.


We treat your seller account and business as our own. This is what eliminates all risks of your account being suspended or ruled invalid over bad practices.

Time Conscious

Time is of the essence with projects. This is why we stick to agreed periods to be timely with your account ungating process.

Required Documentation and What We Use

Naturally, Amazon requires anyone applying to be ungated for a category, subcategory, brand, or product to furnish the review team with up-to-date documentation as proof of authenticity and reputation. These documents should be accompanied by information as required by amazon. Every process, product, brand, or category has its unique ungating procedure.

Some could be straightforward, while others may be difficult. We treat every process with the seriousness it deserves to ensure your success. The documents we use are, therefore, authentic, from reputable sources, and comply with all Amazon regulations and policies. Some of the popular documents required by Amazon include;

  • Up-to-date invoices with distributor information and your contact details matching those on your seller account.
  • Brand authorization letter from an authorized dealer, manufacturer, or brand owner.
  • Necessary fees
  • Other individual certificates from recognized regulatory bodies such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), etc.

How To Contact Us

You can reach us through our main website and over the online chat service. Here’s how you can go about it;

  • Click on the Contact Us button on the website to open a line of conversation with us.
  • Also, you can opt to chat with us via the online chatbot.
  • Press any of the big Orange Buttons you see on every page of the website.

We will reply with a list of details we may need to start the ungating process. This may include account information, product niche, and costs that might be incurred going forward. We shall then embark on the process to ungate your preferred products, category, or brand after you place an order.

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Why Choose Us?

We take it upon ourselves to ensure we shoulder your weight and stress in the ungating process. You should not have to go through all the frustrations of obtaining everything you need, investing your precious time, and yet have your application for approval denied.

It is a real hassle that most times leave most people dejected; but not anymore. We are here to help you get approved to sell on Amazon under a category you prefer and unlock all the benefits that come with it including improved earnings. We offer flexible rates depending on your needs, costs incurred in obtaining documentation, and other varying factors unique to your project.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Get Amazon Support to Help Me?

We offer quality and speedy service. Compared to Amazon Support, you will probably get a response long after we have already initiated the ungating process for you.

Our ungating services, therefore, offer you an opportunity to accelerate your wait time. Besides, most of these support agents have hundreds of customers to attend to in a day.

This may lead them to give you general steps and vague instructions that may cost you heavily as you progress through the process. Also, we are familiar with the whole process and offer to take all of it for your convenience and time-saving.

What Are Amazon FBA Restricted or Gated Categories

Amazon gated or restricted categories are those with strict selling rules that no seller is allowed to sell freely. These categories have specific approval guidelines, and any seller who meets the standards can enjoy a vast market with less competition.

That means Amazon only has the power to draw the rules and open gates for more sellers to access the categories. The good news, however, is that Amazon does not restrict the entire category, like in the previous gating practices.

Instead, it gates subcategories, leaving some products open, even though they might be under gated categories. This explains why there is a short list of gated categories and a long list of restricted products or subcategories.

Generally, any seller who wants to sell within a gated category must apply or seek ungating Amazon services to unlock the category.

Why Does Amazon Gate Its Categories?

Most huge online platforms are built on trust, customer satisfaction, and a healthy working environment, and Amazon is no exception.

As the biggest marketplace in the world, with millions of users globally, Amazon strives to maintain a good relationship with both buyers and sellers by ensuring only high-quality products are in circulation.

It achieves this by gating some categories, brands, and ASINs. As a seller, you can seek professional Amazon FBA ungating services from third-party Amazon ungating services 2024 to help with the ungating process.

A sample of the main reasons why Amazon gates its categories:

  • Ensure & Maintain Quality Standards: It would be too easy for rogue sellers to add items that don’t meet manufacture quality control or items that are not legal.
  • Protection of Companies, Brands and Labels: Many large and well-known brands require pre-approval with them directly, before even applying for Amazon FBA ungating. This is true for both seasoned sellers, and individuals new to the platform. These companies have spent millions of dollars in development and promotion of their products and need to keep their images intact.
  • Customer Happiness and Support: The Amazon marketplace is about positive reviews and customers that return to shop on a regular basis. Poor customer experiences ruin the system for everyone, so this aspect is monitored and tracked.
  • Adherence to Regulatory Codes: Customers and end-users of products need to be safe-guarded properly.

What Are Categories And Products That Require Amazon Seller Ungating

Indeed, Amazon has a long list of gated products and a short list of restricted categories. That is because one category can have more subcategories, which can add up to tens of products. Therefore, when applying for approval, sellers need to consider three Amazon seller ungating levels; category, brand, and product ungating services. They should also differentiate between category and product unlocking.

Do I Need A Professional Amazon Seller Account?

Professional Amazon Seller Account is the backbone of any seller as it records all the activities conducted by the seller on the platform. It is through this account that Amazon can tell your business position and determine whether you meet all the quality standards or not. Therefore, if you don’t have one, you can create a professional Seller Account. Alternatively, you can use our ungating services to help you with account creation.

Are There Different Rules for Each Category?

Each category has specific ungating instructions, and you need to check them before requesting approval. Some categories are complicated, while others have simple instructions that even new sellers can unlock easily. For example, some categories require sellers to have at least three years of selling experience and running websites. Such categories are where sellers can incorporate Amazon ungating service 2024 to simplify the process and maximize the chances of approval.

How Important is the Product Supplier?

Getting a reliable supplier is also a vital step, especially as your demand curve grows. You will also be asked to provide a legitimate Amazon ungating invoice from a trusted supplier whose products fall under gated categories.

Retailers are not considered suppliers. You cannot go down to your local store and purchase a bunch of items for resale. The products need to come from verified wholesalers and distributors and meet Amazon FBA rules and criteria.

Do I Need to Include ASINs?

Before submitting your approval request, you need to prepare your documents, which include recent purchase invoices from reputable wholesalers.

These scanned copies of individual Amazon ungating invoices should have all the ASINs written next to the product name. You will need to search the site to find them first or have it done for you by hiring ungating services for Amazon.

Final Thoughts on How To Find the Right Amazon FBA Ungating Service

We have been there, and we understand the process in and out. We have applied for approval as sellers and have been denied and learned from it. It is now our responsibility to undertake these tasks. If you want to sell in a restricted category, brand, or product, just contact us.

Also, if you are having trouble with suspensions, subscription plans, or Amazon FBA ungating, we are here to help. We offer professional ungating services with experience and dedication to assist you with issues relating to your amazon seller account to enhance your revenues.

Indeed, many factors are involved when treading new waters and wanting to know how to find the right Amazon FBA ungating service. Click the orange button below now!

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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