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How Can I Make Money with Amazon?

Is It Easy To Make Money On Amazon?

How Can I Make Money on Amazon?

According to information released by the firm, in 2021, as reported by Businesswire, third-party merchants contributed fifty percent of Amazon’s total net revenue of $469.8 billion.

Indeed, there are various ways to tap into the dedicated customer base of Amazon and establish a new source of revenue.

These methods include book publishing, the Amazon Associates program, private labeling products, and the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

This article has one aim, and that is to teach you how to get in on the action at Amazon.

Specifically, we’ll discuss and answer the question “How Can I Make Money on Amazon?”

Let’s review all you need to know about making money on Amazon.

4 Ideas for Making Money on Amazon

1. Sell Digital or Physical Books

Do you consider yourself a good writer?

The days when you had to have a major publisher to sell your books and make money are long gone.

Publishing and selling your first ebook on Amazon is a simple process that can result in financial gain. A lot of it!

You have the option of writing fiction or nonfiction in this exercise. This strategy has significant untapped potential, provided that you can generate high-quality content and sell it effectively. 

Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be educated, and you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started.

Through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon, you’ll be able to publish electronic books (KDP).

The publishing of your book can be done in fewer than five minutes. As soon as you hit the “publish” button, your work will be available 24-48 hours in Kindle stores worldwide.

Use Amazon’s tremendous marketing tools and global distribution network to sell your ebooks worldwide. You can sign up for KDP and choose to take advantage of the various promotional opportunities Amazon provides. 

Self-published books can have their prices determined by the author on Amazon.

Revisions to your uploaded content can be made at any time, making the process simple and cost-effective.

Depending on how you set up your book related business, customers will have the option of purchasing a book in a variety of formats, including digital, paperback, or hardcover.

Are you too busy to write?

Don’t worry. You could outsource the creation of your content and book. The ability to advertise your goods, though, is an absolute must. Get familiar with your market niche and make sure you employ appropriate keywords to get the book in front of your target audience.

Just as an aside, if you sell certain books that fall into categories that require approval to sell, be sure to check out our ungating categories services. The orange button is below.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Joining Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is, without a doubt, the most effective way to get revenue on Amazon without having to sell your own products. 

Affiliate marketing entails disseminating connections to different online products, most commonly through social media and personal blogs.

Then, if people buy items via those links, you’ll be able to make money from that sale.

What is great about it is that it does not cost the customer an extra dime and you make a fee if people buy products through those links. 

Alternatively, you can consider applying to become an Amazon Influencer if you have many followers across all your social media sites. You would still be responsible for marketing products and making money through sales, but this time you would have your page on Amazon from which to select the products you would advertise and earn commissions.

3. Fulfillment by Amazon

To assist the processing of customer orders, Fulfillment By Amazon is a network of fulfillment centers that uses cutting-edge technology and a wide variety of storage facilities.

One option to generate money on Amazon is to sell a product on the website and then use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services to have the product shipped to the customer from one of its fulfillment centers

The program is hugely beneficial to both the seller and the buyer because Amazon’s associates take care of the inventory and shipping. The process is more controlled and efficient.

The following is how the procedure is carried out:

  • Sign up for a Fulfillment Account or Remote Fulfillment with
  • Make a listing of the item you intend to offer on your Amazon page, profile or site. 
  • Send your stock to a fulfillment center for Amazon located in your area.
  • Promote your wares, and then sit back and watch as Amazon takes care of shipping them to your customers once you’ve made a sale.
  • You can sell things with the peace of mind that Amazon will handle what is likely to be the step that requires the biggest amount of your time to complete.

FBA is not the same as dropshipping, an online retailing system in which the seller does not keep any of their inventory. Someone else owns it, typically a big company or supplier.

You will need to supply the product for Amazon to fulfill your order. You can procure these things in one of two ways: either by purchasing locally and then selling on Amazon or by locating a supplier that can transport your inventory to an Amazon warehouse on your behalf.

4. Merch by Amazon

The print-on-demand service known as Merch by Amazon is only available to retailers on

Some call it Merch On Demand because the artwork item is made once a customer orders.

These photographs are a perfect canvas for talented artists and reprinters to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

If you are interested in getting into the print-on-demand services industry, you should also consider the following advice:

  • Don’t limit yourself to just one promotional item such as T-shirts. coffee mugs, or stationery. If you have already made the designs, choose different products that appeal to a wide range of customers.
  • Always ask yourself how you can differentiate your products from those of other sellers because it’s easy to become lost in the crowd.
  • Social media is your friend, so use it to make a name for yourself. That way, people can follow your one-of-a-kind style.
  • Keep a close on your expenses and real profit.

Earnings can be substantial for those individuals that work at promoting their profile and products.

The key is distancing yourself from the competition and learning to be skillful in marketing.

If you build your distinct brand, you can overcome many of the typical obstacles sellers face.

Final Note on Whether or not I Can Make Money on Amazon

If making money on Amazon is something you’ve been daydreaming about, you might be surprised to learn that you, like millions of other people, can find your niche and get started.

You don’t need much more than an Amazon account to start any form of Amazon business, and you can quickly build up a healthy profit margin with very little outlay of capital on your part.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

I have been helping Amazon sellers sell more inventory and increase revenues by guiding them through the process of ungating difficult Amazon categories, brands, and products.

I have spent years doing this for my own ventures and have helped countless other businesses reach inaccessible markets and tap into lucrative expansion.

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