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How To Get Grocery Brand Approval On Amazon ~ Ultimate Guide

What is Grocery Brand Approval?

Grocery Brand Approval on Amazon

Many people are now turning to online shopping for essential items such as food, clothes, toys and games, home appliances, and many more.

The rising curve is said to be caused by a lack of time to pop into a nearby shop, someone forgetting to pick something up at the supermarket, or being unable to get what they want in the physical store.

As a result, the increased number of online shops has allowed shoppers to get what they want anywhere, anytime. While the internet is now flooded with different e-Commerce giants, Amazon has proven to be home to millions of sellers, resellers, and buyers.

The increased demand for various products has seen sellers choose their paths and try their luck in different categories.

However, not all sellers can enjoy the benefits of market diversity since Amazon restricts some categories and sellers must get approved before they are allowed to sell.

Therefore, if you intend to sell groceries on Amazon, you will realize that there are a lot of requirements you need to fulfill before listing your products.

That is why this article outlines everything you need to know about Amazon grocery brand approval and how to get ungated in groceries on Amazon.

Understanding Grocery Gating on Amazon

One category Amazon resellers need to watch is grocery and gourmet food products.

That is because, as buying habits continue to lean towards online, this category has seen a tremendous demand due to fast delivery and a convenient shopping environment.

Unfortunately, selling groceries on Amazon is not as easy as in other categories. Whether you are an experienced FBA seller or a new reseller, you will always face challenges listing your food products on Amazon.

And that is where Amazon ungating comes in. Before learning about Amazon ungating, however, you need to understand what is gating and why Amazon restricts the grocery category.

Amazon gating is where Amazon puts strict rules limiting its resellers from selling anything they want on the platform.

For sellers to be allowed to enlist their products, they must provide all the needed documents, which include but are not limited to recent legit invoices with Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

They should also have a healthy selling account and list only high-quality products.

Why Amazon Gates Grocery Category and Grocery Brands

While the primary reason for Amazon gating is to ensure only high-quality, safe, and fairly-priced food products are sold on its platform, the giant e-Commerce player can also limit some sellers for the following reasons:

To enhance customer satisfaction and user experience.

Amazon is built on three pillars: transparency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. That means anyone looking to sell food products on the platform should ensure the products meet buyers’ expectations and have clear descriptions for easy shopping. Any seller who does not fulfill this is locked out, leaving only those who meet the requirements to enjoy the vast market.

To enhance customer safety.

Amazon requires all products to pass through stringent quality assessment procedures before they reach buyers. This ensures only safe, high-quality, and effective products are in circulation.

To minimize customer manipulation.

Another reason why Amazon gates the grocery category is to prevent sellers from manipulating buyers with highly-priced and counterfeit products. The increased demand can easily trigger the selling of counterfeit and harmful products. Therefore, Amazon has to protect buyers by blocking such products.

How To Ungate Grocery Category on Amazon

As stated above, selling groceries on Amazon is not an easy task for all sellers. Luckily, you can loosen the restrictions and shorten your journey of getting approved by passing the following steps:

Step 1: Verifying Your Professional Seller Account Information

The first thing Amazon will require you to have is a healthy and active Professional Seller Account with accurate up-to-date information. A healthy account means you should have all the metrics required in place and good customer relations. You should also have recent receipts for different orders made through the account. To check if your account is eligible for approval, go to the Account Health section under Customer Satisfaction and click on the Performance menu. Therefore, before submitting your approval request, ensure your account meets the following requirements:

  • The order error rate of below 1%.
  • Cancellation rate before fulfillment of below 2.5%.
  • The late shipping rate of below 4%.

Step 2: Searching for The Product(s) You Want to List

With your Seller Account in a good condition, you can now search for the product you want to enlist and check if it is gated on Amazon. Ensure the product you intend to sell abides by all state laws and is not flagged by any official regulatory body. That means you should check all the ingredients used in the formulation and ensure the product is fit for purpose. Besides, ensure the product meets the following guidelines:

  • It must be correctly packaged and labeled in English.
  • Must be correctly and safely delivered.
  • Must comply with state and federal laws, and has the necessary information for buyers.

Step 3: Having A Working Online Store

Building your active e-Commerce website is also a crucial step to ungate grocery on Amazon, though it is an optional requirement. When creating your online store, ensure it has accurate information that matches what you have on your Amazon Seller Account. You should also list the specific product (s) you wish to sell and remember to include vital product details such as photos, search tags, ingredients, and names. However, be keen not to pose competition to Amazon as this can lead to automatic rejection.

Step 4: Place Orders Through Your Wholesale Account

For you to be allowed to resell food products on Amazon, you also need a wholesale account where you can make bulk purchases. You can open a wholesale account with your supplier and place at least three orders of different products. Each order should also have more than ten pieces of each restricted item. That is because Amazon will ask you to present more than one invoice, which is only possible if you have multiple orders. When creating a wholesale account, ensure you input the same address as what you have Amazon Seller Account.

Step 5: Requesting Grocery Brand Approval

Before requesting approval, start by checking all the necessary documents and keeping them ready in case Amazon asks for them. This includes scanning and photocopying all invoices individually, writing the ASINs and UPSs next to the product name, and locking all price information. The information should be visible and correct. With your documents ready, you can now proceed to submit your application in the following steps:

  • 1. Click on Add Product from the Inventory menu.
  • 2. Search for the item you want to sell on Amazon.
  • 3. From the search result, locate the product and go to the right side where it says Apply to Sale
  • 4. Click on the Apply to Sale button to begin the approval process.

Concluding Notes on Grocery Brand Approval on Amazon

Ungating the grocery category and achieving grocery brand approval is the goal for many sellers.

But, you do need is to follow the laid rules and ensure you enlist only high-quality and safe food products.

You should also have the active seller and whole accounts to speed up the process as they show your seriousness and adherence to the guidelines.

Remember, your application can take days or even weeks, depending on several factors such as the documents you submit and the season in which you apply.

But if you are unable to reapply again, it is wise to seek assistance from Amazon ungating services.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

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