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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about our Ungating Amazon Services? Please take a look at our frequently asked questions from the list below:

A. Yes we do provide a brand gating Amazon solution. If you need just 1, checkout the “Pro Brand”. If you want the best deal, checkout “Any 20 Brands” for the best anywhere!

A. Yes! Every single category, our amazon restricted categories approval service can ungate and get you approved, (including DVDs, topical, dietary supplements, popular music and anythnig else on the amazon gated categories list.

A. No, once you are approved, you are approved for the life of the account. Just one and you’re done.

A. We do all the work for you. Once we setup your account, our team goes to work immediately! You just kick back, relax, knowing your approval is in good hands

A. Absolutely! Just be sure you are on the professional selling plan. Contact us if you are unsure.

A. Zero risk! Amazon only penalize you for problems with customer related transactions. We’re simply just requesting to sell in restricted categories.

A. Of course! This is the reason why we exist. To perform the hard task of ungating for you. Just tell us which category or brand you need approval for, and our team will acquire all the necessary documents you need specifically for your account to get approved!

A. After 5 years of ungating thousands of Amazon sellers, we are proud to say we have had 100% success rate!

A. WARNING! Do not forge or try to fake any documents. Not only is this illegal, but Amazon will detect this (They’re very smart!) and you will risk your account for suspension. If you are unsure of what to submit, please contact us first!

A. Once you checkout, tell us what brands or category you want approval for, our team will reach out to factories to obtain the appropriate approval documents. This normally takes 2-6 days (waiting for them to respond takes a while). Once we receive what we need, we submit the application into Amazon and wait for Amazon to review and approve of the category or brand. We continue to monitor the approval case daily and will update you each time Amazon respond. Very simple

A. This could be a variety of reasons. Don’t worry, our team have encountered every rejection letter and knows exactly how to respond to them, so you can get approved.

A. Nope! We focus on one thing only, and that’s Ungating Amazon! We want to provide you the best service so you can start expanding your inventory and start profiting asap!

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Are you seeking Wholesale Profitable Products?

We provide an automated wholesale sourcing program. Interested in learning more? Let us know where to send you the full explainer video!