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Customer Testimonials

Would You Like to Hear From Our VERY Happy Customers?

If you are not one hundred percent sure if our ungating services are right for you and your business then you are in the right place!

We understand why you might be nervous… Lots of out customers come to us after having been ripped off by other companies who do not offer an honest and trustworthy service.

So it is understandable that you might feel wary about investing your hard earned cash on an Amazon Ungating service.

However as you can see from the testimonials we have shared below we have lots of very happy customers who are more than happy with the business they have done with us

Adrian Taylor – 14th September 2020:

“Dealing with restrictions was the biggest challenge for me as a newbie seller until I got to know about this service. I felt relief when they guaranteed me money-back if ungating won’t work.

Within a few days, I was ungated for grocery and personal safety and household category. I also appreciate their support team’s proficiency in handling things around along with entire queries, including some silly questions.

Emily was great! Overall, it was better than expected services, I’m their big fan now.”

Angel Marley:

“After three days of establishing my store, the Amazon team informed me about the ineligibility of selling a few restricted niches. I checked out almost dozens of similar services in panic and finally selected this one.

Once the formalities were done, they gave me a deadline of 72 hours, but I had the permission in less time than this. Now, I can expand my business with no fear of further obstacles.”

Atticus Baker – September 16th 2020:

“Never knew about the restriction on Amazon until started my own cosmetics & skin/hair care store there.

To be honest, I saw 50-50 chances of ungating my account, but with the help these guys, they approved of me personal safety and household and topical category.

Glad to successfully launch the store now, without struggling much!”

Anonymous Facebook Message:

“Thanks so much. I spend time over 3 months for approval… But you guys… Just 1 day. I am so surprised!

Anonymous Facebook Message:

“Hey, thanks for the update. Yes, I believe Disney was more challenging than most to get approved.

Thank you for both. I appreciate your good service and gr8 communication. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future business.”

Gustavo Vega September 12th 2020:

“I was a bit skeptical about using this service after a terrible experience with another ungating site (thefunnelguru).

Thankfully, Ungating Amazon was super patient and answered all the queries I had related to the procedure.

They even took me through the process how I could do it myself (they’re so genuine). Finally, I was able to ungate Toys, Topicals, and Dietary Supplements with them.

Only regret I have is not finding you guys earlier! 100% would recommend to any Amazon sellers.”

Helen Geiger

“Emily is Awesome! She is very communicative and professional.

Ungating amazon helped me to ungate in Topicals and they did an excellent job. I was approved in 1 day. Highly recommended!”

Jacob Zweifel

“Would recommend to anyone, Vinny helped me get ungated quick and easily for my business Ungating Amazon”

Joey Srour

“They got me approved for Michael Kors.

This brand is impossible to get ungated that got it”

Anonymous Facebook Message:

“This is great. Very impressed and excited with the incredible pace of approvals. We really appreciate the service.

What price can you ungate Adidas & Converse?”

Khanh Trinh September 3rd 2020:

“I would like to thank Vinny Ly and his team for helping me lift a restriction off my first product. 4-6 weeks away from my first product lauch, Amazon stated that my product was classified as “medical” and locked my listing.

The products were enroute from China to the Amazon Dallas warehouse and due to arrive in the US in a few days. I spent weeks fighting with Seller Central sending all the documents they asked.

I posted in this group and saw that someone had the same problem. I reached out to Vinny and he and his team were able to resolve my issue in about 1.5 weeks.

I can finally update my product listing and add the new images that Paul and his team created for me. I should finally be live in a few days. Thank you Vinny for the great support”

Leanne Dosuza September 10th 2020:

“I had zero knowledge about restrictions of selling at Amazon. I just started my retail arb and realized I couldn’t sell anything from the products I was scanning. Was very frustrating!

Did a quick google search and found I spoke with Emily and she answered all my questions quickly (lol sorry for all questions Emily).

Thanks to Emily and the team at, they help me ungate 10 brands within 3 weeks. I can’t wait to scan and sell more product…”

Maxim Eszes-Kovacs – September 10th 2020:

“Ungating amazon helped me to ungate in Topicals and Grocery and they did an excellent job. Furthermore, they offered me a pretty good deal.

At funnel guru it would have cost double. Amazon takes a while to respond these days but it’s not their fault. Don’t believe the negative reviews below…

Oh and Emily is awesome! Very communicative and professional. Highly recommended!”

Robena Breeland – September 8th 2020:

“Great help in ungating multiple categories for my account! I was scammed very badly from another ungating service that promised a 100% money-back guarantee.

Luckily UngatingAmazon turned out to be legit and ungated us in many categories and a few brands including Nike and Samsung.

The best thing, Emily helped me conduct a thorough review before getting started, which included necessary questions about what type of business I have and annual revenue as well. She gave us man…”

Starla Koeppe:

“After creating my new private label listing, Amazon suppressed by listing
because I needed personal safety and household category approved.

I provided Amazon withe everything they asked for and kept getting denied. Super frustrating.

I found on google and spoke with Emily. She was super helpful and helped guide me through the process to get PHS approved.

Anyway, it took roughly 3 weeks for PHS to get approved but I’m happy regardless
because now I can start launching my first product!!!”

Thomas Wai:

“Best in the game. I was surprised how fast they got me ungated into the dietary supplement category, it only took them 4 days to get me ungated which is incredibly fast.

If you have tried getting ungated yourself you know the new norm is 7 days or longer.

I normally would do the ungating myself but certain categories require additional documents that are hard to get from the vendors so I reached out to them when they have the special.

Emily was very professional and courteous, she wasted no time and got me set up right away.”

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