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How To Ungate RestrictedCategory Approval - Full FREE Video Below

Isn't it time you got the category ungating approvals you need in order to make more money on Amazon?
Our team can help you approve any Category Approval service!

How To Ungate Categories Approval Has Never Been So Easy!

Want to learn how we ungate a sample category? Tell us where to send the full video with suppliers!


Choose the category or brands you need ungating.


The more brands and categories that you choose to ungate, the better rates you’ll receive.​


Our highly experienced team starts contacting the appropriate factories.


Factory sends us the approval document specific for your account’s ungating.


Our team submit and approves your account within a few days. That’s it... Simple!

Amazon Category Approval Services.
We are the experts.

Brand new sellers can even be ungated

Are You Still Trying To Solve The Puzzle By Yourself?

What we offer you is a shortcut. Just like a calculator, our service will make a complicated process super-easy and help save your precious time, effort, and hard-earned money.

Audio Visual
Baby Activity Gear
Baby Diapers
Baby Feeding
Baby Stroller And Carrier
Baby Topical
Candy And Aromatherapy
Chargers And Batteries
Dietary Supplements
Dvd And Blu Ray Medias
Feminine Hygiene
Gardening And Watering
Grocery And Gourmet Food
Hair Care And Beauty Appliances
Home Electronics
Kids Baby Furniture
Medical Supplies
Otc Medications
Personal Safety And Household
Pet Care
Pet Food
Pet Supplies
Popular Dvds
Popular Music
Power Tools
Wireless Accessories

We can give you large discounts if you bulk order:

3 Category Approval
10 Category Approval
20 Category Approval

  1. You tell us which category/brands you need approval for.
  2. You tell us which Amazon marketplace you need the approval for.
  3. Once you checkout, we will assist you with your account setup.
  4. Provide us with your business name and address (I will personally guide you on how to do this).
  5. Send us user permission. We only need case management so we may communicate directly to Amazon’s approval team and provide them with the necessary documents for fast and quick approval.
  6. Allow us 24-72 hours to complete the entire approval process.

Simple and easy. That’s it!

A Category Ungating Service you can trust

If our expert team fails to get you category approval on amazon we will refund 150% of your money!

Money Back

Why use our Amazon Restricted Categories Approval Service?

Amazon Restricted Category Ungating FAQ's

The application submission process happens very quickly! Normally 24-72 hours to complete. That’s it!

Of course! We can help you approve even if you have previously denied for gated categories, sub-categories, etc.

All you need to do is click here and follow the simple, step by step instructions.

Don’t be concerned if you see the notice Approval Needed Amazon in your account. It happens to many sellers because of the restrictions on products they want to sell.

This is standard procedure with Amazon, but can be resolved very quickly with our ungating service.

Brand new sellers are perfect for ungating. Just make sure you are on the professional seller’s plan.

Our amazon restricted categories approval service can ungate in all marketplace such as:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom (the UK)
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • The European Union (the EU)
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Etc, etc

So if you want to get approval to sell products that are from categories that require approval by ungating, please get in touch asap.

Sure thing! As well as gated product categories we can approve any Amazon gated brands for any marketplace!

Ready for Restricted Category APPROVAL?

Once I got my first product categories approvals with a whopping 100% success rate, I understood that this system was bigger than me.

All those forums, Facebook groups, and Amazon seller communities are packed with aspiring Amazon sellers who don’t know how to slay that dragon. People just like me. People just like you.

That’s why I decided to start offering my ungating services to Amazon sellers who wanted to beat that final boss and embark on their Amazon adventure with confidence.

So if you want to get approval to sell gated categories. Just click the orange button below and start the ungating process today.

Amazon Approval Needed? No Problem!

Amazon Approval Needed

If you are reading this page, you have probably encountered a locked category that is marked as Amazon Approval Needed.

It sounds daunting at first, but don’t fret because that is why we are here. We can help you!

It is actually quite common for many brands and items to fall into the amazon approval needed classification.

The good news is we have the years of expertise needed to complete the process for you.

Are you seeking Wholesale Profitable Products?

We provide an automated wholesale sourcing program. Interested in learning more? Let us know where to send you the full explainer video!