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Can You Sell Name Brand Products On Amazon?

How to Sell Branded Products on Amazon

Can You Sell Name Brand Products On Amazon

Amazon is a household name in the E-commerce industry. It is arguably the biggest online marketplace, and more people keep using the platform to buy and sell than other marketplaces.

However, recently, Amazon has been getting stricter about its policies on selling branded products.

Amazon has a long list of restricted brands. For old and new Amazon sellers alike, this has crimped their potential because it means that they have to meet some requirements before they can sell certain branded products or in certain categories on Amazon.

Therefore, this article will look at what you need to do to sell branded products on Amazon and the mistakes you should avoid to grow your Amazon business.

Specifically, we will answer the popular question … Can you sell name brand products on Amazon?

Three Ways To Sell On Amazon

Whether you just started selling on Amazon or are a seasoned vendor, you probably know this already, but there are three ways you can sell on the platform.

1. Private Label

Private label means that you are selling your own branded products. This is usually easy to do, as long as your products meet the standards set by Amazon.

2. Retail Arbitrage or Amazon Online Arbitrage

3. Wholesale

Of course, any business model you choose has disadvantages and advantages.

However, in retail arbitrage and wholesale, you are selling branded products that are not yours, and if you are not careful with how you do it, Amazon can bar your Amazon account.

Selling Your Own Branded Products On Amazon

If you have manufactured or have the right to your own branded products, you can register with Amazon to be the exclusive seller of the said product on Amazon.

All you have to do is register with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Once you apply to Amazon’s Brand Registry and your application is approved, your branded products will get Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs), and no other vendor can sell the same items on Amazon.

Registering with the Amazon brand registry offers you many advantages, including always having the Buy Box for your products.

This is because you are the only one selling those products on Amazon at the lowest price.

Reselling Name Brand Products On Amazon

Now, this is where it gets tricky because you are trying to sell products that aren’t yours.

These products are manufactured by other brands, and to sell them, there are a few things you need to do first.

The most important thing is that you need to ensure you have permission to sell these brand-name products.

Do these brands allow people to sell their products on online marketplaces like Amazon?

Many brand owners don’t, and those that do only allow a few resellers who have met their standards.

Once you have met these requirements, you need to ask for permission.

If you purchase these products directly from the brands/manufacturers, you will need permission from them.

However, if you are purchasing it from a distributor registered with them, you might be able to skip that part.

Can I Sell Famous Brand Names On Amazon?

Famous brand names are those brands that have become so popular that they are easily recognized.

Selling their products on the Amazon website means two things.

  • The first is that many people will be looking to buy your products because of how famous the brand is.
  • The second is that you might not be able to list these products at all.

These famous brands are strict with their products for a couple of reasons.

  • One, they are worried about people attaching their brand name to inauthentic and fake products and selling them. As famous brands, they already have reputations that they want to protect.
  • Secondly, they want to have a monopoly on their product sales. So many famous brands will not let their products be sold on Amazon.

Other brands that allow third-party sellers put strict requirements in place.

However, if your meet these requirements, nothing stops you from becoming an authorized reseller for the brand.

Can I Sell Name Brand Clothing On Amazon?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but you would need to get the necessary permissions from the brand and receive approval from Amazon before doing so.

However, certain brands do not allow third-party sellers to sell their clothes on Amazon.

This is for the same reason we mentioned earlier. They want to protect customers from counterfeit products and maintain their brand reputation.

Is It Even Legal To Resell Products On Amazon?

Selling name-brand products on Amazon would be illegal under certain conditions.

If you do not have permission to sell these products on Amazon, listing and selling them would be illegal. If they are counterfeit, mislabelled, or do not meet Amazon’s product requirements, it would be illegal to sell them.

But here is the thing, Amazon is so strict about its policies that it would be difficult to slip past its radar and list these products.

If you meet the product requirements and have the necessary documents, nothing legally stops you from selling branded products.

If You Are Selling Brands, Then Sell Authentic Items Only

This is a risk that many resellers of Name Brand Products take. When you are selling Name Brand products, you run the risk of being accused of listing and selling Inauthentic items.

This means that you are selling a product that isn’t from the brand, or you listed the products wrongly.

While listing your products, ensure that you list them correctly and against the right product category.

This way, buyers will know what they are buying and will not complain about getting the wrong things because of a mistake you made.

If you are not purchasing your products directly from the brands, you need to review all your suppliers and each stock of the products they send to you to ensure they are authentic.

Supply chain issues are difficult to solve, so it is better to avoid them altogether.

Amazon is strict with its policies, and these policies hardly change to get easier.

Be sure to visit Seller Central and get acquainted with these policies before listing any product.

Beware Of Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is another problem that people that buy their branded products from suppliers might face.

It is because purchasing from certain suppliers might not give you the right to sell those products or use the associated details.

This might be product images or packaging. If Amazon receives a copyright infringement complaint about you from a copyright holder, they will notify you and suspend your listings or selling privileges.

If this happens, you must prove that you have all the necessary permissions or delete the listing.

Final Thoughts to the Question Can You Sell Name Brand Products On Amazon

Amazon is a huge platform and a great place to start selling products as a third-party seller. It is a treasure hub for eCommerce businesses.

For new sellers, selling brand products on Amazon is a bit difficult because of all the rules Amazon has.

However, you can still sell these products on Amazon if you meet all requirements. So, yes, you can sell name brand products on Amazon.

Selling such brand items is a good way to increase sales and build great seller metrics.

But be warned, the application process goes beyond clicking the request approval button in your account. With this article, the process should be easier..

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