Account Setup

Setup Instructions

Please follow the steps below to setup your account so we can complete your ungating service.

Follow step 1 & step 2 below to complete account setup

Step 1. Please forward us your seller central's (1) Business name and address + (2) Store's Name

1. Log into your Amazon sellers account.

2. Click Settings >> Account info.

3. Click “Legal Entity” to get your Amazon Business name.

4. Click “Business Address” to get your Amazon business address.

Send the information via email ( )

Step 2. Provide User Permission Case Management

Provide user permission access for your case management. This is so we may communicate directly with the approval team and provide them any immediate update they require.

1. Log into your Amazon sellers account.

2. Hover over Settings and click User Permissions.

3. Fill out our above information to grant us access.


4. Once our team accepts the invitation, please set the permission as shown in the image below: