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Amazon Search Analytics Is the Best Free SEO Tool

Use Amazon SEO Tools To Your Advantage

Amazon Search Analytics - SEO Tool

Keyword search is the best motivator for Amazon sellers to enlist the services of an SEO tool.

Did you know that approximately 70% of Amazon shoppers do not view the second page of a product listing on the platform?

So, what would you pay to have your products appear on the first page? The Amazon Search Analytics tool is keen to help you understand the kind of organic queries that result in customer purchases, which ones your goods rank for, and other data ranges you have been looking to learn about your customers.

With the right Amazon SEO tool, you can focus more time on processing orders for customers while you effortlessly anticipate and attract traffic to your shop.

The search analytics tool can be a little confusing, given that it was only rolled out recently.

Therefore, this article will help you to navigate the Amazon Search Analytics tool to help you harness data to boost your sales in the long run.

What Is The Search Analytics Good For? What It Does and Does Not Do

Most people may ask if the Amazon search tool or search analytics tools are any good. Some may not be open to leaving their whole marketing strategy in the hands of complicated algorithms. Wait and see how incredible this piece of software is when you learn what it does.

The Amazon Search Analytics Pros:

  • Tells you the exact search queries that led to a purchase of your products.
  • Gives you a clear breakdown of the keywords and the volume of the queries where your goods showed in the search results.
  • Outlines the overall organic sales of your products.
  • Shows you the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers ranking on the engine and for what.

Amazon Reporting Tool Cons:

  • This SEO tool does not tell you the organic rank of your products on the search results.

Important Amazon Search Analytics Features for You

From the Brands page, look for Brand Analytics then click on the View Search Analytics button to access your organic data for your products on Amazon search.

The engine has two primary features for your benefit.

  • Search Catalog Performance
  • Query Performance

The Search Catalog Performance shows an overview of individual product ASINs and the number of impressions or clicks it attracts from all search queries.

On the other hand, Query Performance shows you the search keywords your products are showing up for.

Search Catalog Performance

Search Catalog Performance is the board overview of the number of clicks, conversions, and traffic your product attracts from an organic search query.

You can get a summary of this data here to help you rate the performance of your product on the search catalog.

From the data provided, you can choose the best course of action either to make alterations to improve the ranking or to you’re your strategy if you are getting great numbers from it.

However, some vendors do not find this tool overly useful for a couple of reasons:

  • Someone may argue that the information this platform offers can be obtained by simply subtracting the numbers obtained from the sales attributed to advertisements from the total sales to get overall organic sales for a certain period. In other words … Total Sales – Sales from Adverts = Total Organic Sales
  • The report has on occasions shown inconsistencies between your advertisement and business figures reported. For instance, sometimes the summation of the numbers obtained from the advertisement sales and those from organic sales may exceed your actual total number of sales for that period. Sometimes the additions may fall short. This is not just a slight accounting error. If the numbers are used to decide the strategy you use, then you could be hugely misled.
  • The same anomaly has been reported by those trying to reconcile the catalog’s ASINs overall views with the numbers reported from the advertising and search analytics.

Query Performance

This is the main Search Analytics advantageous feature for vendors.

The Query Performance analyzes your ASINs performance on the search catalog and returns the exact keywords your product is ranking for.

It also returns the search volume for the keywords. It however does NOT return your ASIN ranking or how the keyword is ranking on the search catalog.

This was a major shift from the popularly known Helium 10 which used reverse ASIN search to report the search keywords you were ranking for.

However, these numbers generated by the tool to give the keywords were pure estimates unlike those reported by the search analytics tool.

Now, with this new Amazon SEO tool, you not only know the exact keywords you are ranking for, but you also get to know how often those search queries appear.

Furthermore, this tool gives you the number of impressions your products have attracted for a particular amazon search query for a particular period.

The way an impression is captured is that when a particular page is viewed, say, with 10 ASINs from your brand, then the Query Performance will show 10 impressions.

If three such pages are viewed, then 30 impressions will be recorded.

Amazon was keen to include a Brand Count category to distinguish the fact a particular brand can have several ASINs ranking on the Amazon Search tool for the same search query.

From the brand count category, sellers can know their products share on the search query impressions.

The Brand Share is quoted as a percentage of all clicks your ASINs attracted.

Amazon Query Performance on Clicks

Here, you can see where the clicks you are getting are coming from. Essentially, all the user’s records on clicks on your brand’s ASINs are recorded. From this number, your brand share percentage is calculated.

Amazon Query Performance on Purchases and Add-To-Carts

This section gives data on how many times a customer adds to a cart or checks out your product after performing a search query. In other words, you can know which keywords drive conversions and not just clicks.

Final Thoughts on Amazon Search Analytics As An SEO Tool

Before this new search tool, vendors on Amazon used third-party paid software to gauge their product’s performance and the search terms that customers used most.

This is however changing exponentially as Amazon rolls out features necessary for you to track your performance in real-time and for free.

With the Amazon Search Analytics tool, vendors are guaranteed real data showing search queries that drive clicks and conversions for their products.

Vinny Ly

Vinny Ly

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