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Would You Like to Gain Category Approval the Easy Way?

What Are Amazon Ungated and Restricted Categories?

If you are an eCommerce owner, then chances are you have heard, at least on the surface level, about Amazon restricted/gated categories.

Though Amazon might be referred to as “the everything store” because buyers can find just about anything they need on that platform, it is not exactly that simple for sellers like yourself.

The fact of the matter is that you can sell on there, but sometimes you need Amazon’s permission to do so for specific products.

In a nutshell, Amazon can sell whatever product it wants. Still, sellers themselves might not have the ability to partake in the action, and it all boils down to the Amazon restricted categories and the regulations set in place.

Now, before you get discouraged that some of your products might not make the cut in these rules.

Below you will find a comprehensive overview of the system, why there are restricted categories to begin, with, and why gaining approval to access the less competitive and highly profitable marketplace to advance your business is essential.

What Categories are Gated on Amazon and Why?
What Are Your Benefits of Gated Amazon Categories?
What Is the Process of Ungating Amazon Categories?

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Defining the Types of Category Under Restriction

If you are new to the concept of gating and ungated ones, then knowing the difference between the two sectors is vital.

For starters, a gated category within Amazon is a particular area where you must get approved by Amazon before selling your product(s) on there.

Some things they look for could include performance checks, seeing if your product meets certain qualifications, and perhaps even additional fees for listing them.

This marketplace was designed for quality assurance to protect both sellers and customers.

Amazon locks this and has rigorous requirements because they want to give their customers the best products and experiences possible and be confident that the seller is specialized to deliver that mission.

Think of it as an elite, vetted marketplace to ensure legitimacy. Say your product(s) pass the screening test.

If this is the case, you are not gated, meaning you are approved to sell in the respected category.

Remember that there are still some ungated categories, which means that you do not need permission before selling.

What Categories are Gated on Amazon?

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Amazon has tightened its grip on its gated categories throughout the years, valuing the drive to ensure customer satisfaction and seller authenticity.

It is what holds up their reputation so well in the grand scheme of things. Though not all are gated on the platform, the current 2024 list of amazon categories includes:

  • Audio Visual
  • Automotive
  • Baby Activity Gear
  • Baby Diapers
  • Baby Feeding
  • Baby Stroller And Carrier
  • Baby Topical
  • Candle And Aromatherapy
  • Chargers And Batteries
  • Dietary Supplements
  • DVD And Blu Ray Medias (Please contact first!)
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Gardening And Watering
  • Grocery And Gourmet Food
  • Hair Care And Beauty Appliances
  • Home Electronics
  • Kids Baby Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Medical Supplies
  • Music
  • Otc Medications
  • Personal Safety And Household
  • Pet Care
  • Pet Food
  • Pet Supplies
  • Popular DVDs (Please contact first!)
  • Popular Music (Please contact first!)
  • Power Tools
  • Topical (AKA Beauty)
  • Toys and Games
  • Watches
  • Wireless Accessories

Looking at this list, there are tons of different reasons why Amazon decided to restrict these particular categories and associated products.

For example, gated amazon categories like fine art, watches, and collectible coins are gated because of the in-depth expertise needed to produce and sell such products.

They want to nail down that the seller can prove that they are an expert in their field and capable of holding up the high standards. In another light, categories like DVD, video, and Blu-ray are gated because there were many counterfeits and fakes involving these products in the past, and Amazon wants to avoid that from occurring again.

They want their customers to get real copies of the movies they order. If a distributor cannot showcase that they are obtaining their inventory from a reliable source, they will be restricted from those gated sub categories.

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Why is Category and Brand Ungating So Important?

Why should you care about being ungated?

Because with the ecommerce market being as flooded as it is, this is a fundamental way for you to reduce the harsh competition from sellers who are not bothering to become unrestricted on a particular product.

It makes you stand out from the saturated items listings, look more genuine and quality-driven, and gain more sales conversions as a result.

Think about it; the more sellers there are, the less money you will have in your pocket.

By giving yourself a leg up in this area with fewer third-party sellers, you are allowing your business to gain more exposure and rise above your smaller pool of competitors.

Fun Fact: categories which are gated are blocked from new sellers right off the bat, which means there is an added level of exclusivity to those areas.

Not only does this mean fewer competitors, but it can very well scare many sellers away from even trying to become ungated and sell there.

Need to Get Going on the Approval Process Right Away?

Gated Amazon Categories

Six Added Benefits of Amazon Gated Categories

Gated Amazon CategoriesAlthough a category, sub-category, or brand might be strictly controlled by Amazon, that should not deter you from applying. It is a minor hiccup that can provide great rewards when the process is followed through.

Someone that is serious about their business will quickly see the perks of trying to get approved, and will take action.

In fact, look closely at the list of amazon categories and subcategories because there might be segments within each that allow you to sell.

Indeed, there are several benefits to being approved for any area of the amazon gated categories.

Let’s recap what those advantages are:

  • You become part of an exclusive group, as not everyone is willing to do the work to get approved.
  • If you are a good seller, there should be fewer customer complaints and refunds.
  • Not all products in the list of gated amazon categories are locked to sellers. Some have specific sub-categories that are restricted, but other sections are not. Further, in some categories, even the condition of the product has been divided into new and used.
  • Becoming an Authorized Seller of a particular brand provides confidence and safety for the customer, but also the seller in the knowledge that less can go wrong. Like the ungated categories on amazon, there is also a restricted brands list.
  • Getting approved can make your business venture more profitable by having access to more products to offer in your store than other sellers.
  • It is easier to grow your existing customer base with all the millions of interested people shopping on Amazon because it is a trusted portal.

Whether you are looking for category, sub-category, brand or condition approval, it is worth the effort to ungate.

Ungating Amazon Categories

Indeed, it can be tricky when ungating amazon categories if you have never gone through the process before. Ideally, the first thing you need to understand is what Amazon is asking of sellers.
  • For example, there may be government regulations that everyone is bound by. This might include laws such as flammability requirements for children’s clothing, especially sleepwear. In both Canada and the United States, laws govern these sales, both for new and used.
  • Likewise, some toys have choking hazards because components of the game or toy are too small. Other toys, such as stuffed animals, may be filled with hazardous materials or contain wires that can hurt a child. Again, both Amazon and its sellers are bound by these rules. If you want to learn more about How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon, we have an excellent guide over here!
  • Another example is language requirements on packaging. Sometimes, when items are imported, the labels are written in the country-of-origin’s language. Often, it is mandatory to place a label on top in English, so that most people can understand what it says. If there are other official languages, then the label might require those, as well.
  • Further, plastic bags must carry warnings that the bag is a suffocation hazard, and children should be prevented from playing with them, and specifically avoid putting the bag on their heads.
As you can see, there are plenty of examples where understanding Amazon rules and regulations will better help you to ungating amazon categories. The fact that Amazon wants to review documentation is a good sign because everyone needs to be safe when providing products to the population at large. It is all about protection if something happens. The actual process to ungating amazon categories sounds very simple when looking at it from a step-by-step perspective.
  • Create your account.
  • Purchase some products.
  • Scan or photograph your original invoices with the required information.
  • Send in your application for request to sell.
  • Wait for potential acceptance.
The reality is, though, if you have never done this before, or you are entering a new category that you are not familiar with, then the process can be time consuming and difficult. We found this to be the case ourselves, several years ago, which is why we started this service. Each piece of documentation needs to be spot-on, plus all the relevant information needs to be clearly visible. In fact, the pages cannot have any other markings or notations that do not relate to the application. Consequently, it is very easy to overlook a requirement or mess up a small detail. That just sets you back in time, and you may never get approved if you don’t know how to present the information, or how to fix your errors. We can take the mystery out of the application process for you. Start today ungating amazon categories and build yourself a viable business!


What Happens if You Try to Violate Amazon’s Rules?

Amazon’s seller code of conduct is a strict one. Even if you did not intentionally mean to violate a policy, it could lead to some pretty adverse side effects to your business if you are caught breaking any of the rules.

Depending on the violation, you could either be restricted from selling on your once ungated category, have a total account suspension, or even ban you from the platform entirely.

This can be devastating for a seller, especially one who has already built up a solid foundation.

The best way for you to avoid getting your account red flagged is to read through Amazon’s policies and carefully follow them.

As long as you are honest, transparent, not selling restricted products, and understand/follow the regulations, you should be just fine.

Always remember that sellers might have a prestigious set of rules to follow, so do the buyers.

Though the buyers are a large part of the business and keep the platform running, Amazon has done its due diligence to optimize sellers’ safety from fraud customers and address buyers who violate Amazon’s rules in general to keep the platform a dignified, valued place.

Prohibited Product Claims Policy

Another buzz term that you may be aware of is Amazon’s prohibited product claims policy. This is a policy in place by Amazon that prohibits selling any products that claim to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate diseases in both humans and animals without proper FDA approval.

This means that if you have something that can help with things like Cancer, COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and even obesity, you cannot state as such unless the FDA has approved it.

If you are caught marketing your product items without the right approvals, it is seen as untrustworthy and misleading.

Amazon will halt your account for violating the policy, leading to either suspension or banning unless you can provide them with the FDA cleared data backing it up.

Recap Amazon Gated Categories 2024

As of 2024, Amazon continues to implement a system of gated categories to maintain a high level of quality and trust within its marketplace, ensuring that both sellers and consumers are protected.

These gated categories require sellers to undergo a more rigorous, step-by-step approval process to gain permission to list products within them. This process helps in maintaining the integrity of the listings, mitigates the risk of counterfeit or prohibited products being sold, and offers an additional layer of assurance to buyers about the reliability and legitimacy of the products within these categories.

Amazon’s commitment to sustaining a secure and credible marketplace through the establishment of gated categories illustrates its ongoing dedication to consumer and seller protection.

Final Thoughts on Amazon Gated Categories List 2024

Being able to prove that your product is up to par with the strict requirements might sound challenging.

And the reality is that it should be, they have to make sure that the seller they allow in will uphold their customer service reputation, provide quality, authentic products, and follow the regulations while doing so.

It is a way for them to scope out the legitimate sellers with excellent products and pedestal them to their target market above the sellers who are not are sharpened enough to get in.

Going back to you, if you genuinely want to advance your business, then applying to get approval to your particular gated category is a sure-fire way for you to gain more exposure and sales.

The process itself is not very complicated to get started, and as long as you have a top product(s) to back up your request, you should get the approval you are after.

However, if Amazon comes back and needs more information or proof, don’t get discouraged.

Provide them with the items that they need and be confident that the effort you do now to get approved will certainly be worth it in the end.

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