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What Does Amazon Approval Needed Mean?

Understanding Amazon Seller Approval Messages

What Does Amazon Approval Needed Mean?

Typically, “Amazon Approval Needed” is shown alongside a product, under which, the category, subcategory, or brand is restricted to sellers until one obtains necessary approvals.

Additionally, it is an expression the e-commerce giant uses to indicate that a seller’s account is under review. This could occur when a seller first registers for an account, but it can also happen if Amazon suspects the seller of engaging in fraudulent or prohibited activities.

The reasons for an account being flagged for review can vary. Some common reasons include: The seller’s account information is incomplete or inaccurate. The seller is attempting to sell prohibited items, such as counterfeit or stolen goods. Amazon has detected suspicious activity on the seller’s account, such as a high number of customer complaints or returns. The seller has violated Amazon’s policies, including offering free or discounted products in exchange for reviews.

Regardless of the reason, here is a detailed review of Amazon Approval Needed, based on gated brands, categories, products, and subcategories.

What is Ungating?

Gating is the practice of denying the sale of certain products or services by specific sellers. Gating is also know as locking or restricting a brand, product or category of like items.

Gating can be done for various reasons, such as to protect a brand’s reputation and manage inventory, requiring proof of professional certification.

Importantly, Amazon gates categories and products to protect the platform from the proliferation of counterfeits, thus protecting the consumer from purchasing scams. Sellers are allowed to list gated items or sell under restricted categories after undergoing an approval process, wherein they are required to submit various documentation such as valid invoices and certificates.

What Are Gated Brands?

Amazon Gated Brands are products only sold by approved sellers on the platform. This means that only sellers who have been vetted and authorized by the brand owner are allowed to list and sell these products on Amazon.

The purpose of gating brands on Amazon is to protect the brand’s reputation, ensure that products are sold through authorized channels, and prevent counterfeit or knock-off products from being sold on the platform.

Sellers who want to sell gated brands on Amazon must apply for approval from the brand owner and provide information such as their business details, sales history, and proof of authenticity of the products. Once approved, sellers can list and sell the brand’s products on Amazon.

It is important to note that Amazon also has a strict policy against counterfeit products and sellers caught selling fake products will be removed from the platform. Gating brands on Amazon is one way of ensuring that only authentic products are sold on the platform.

Some examples of companies that require pre-approval are Nike, Starbucks, Dove and Lego.

What Are Gated Categories?

Amazon Gated Categories refer to certain product categories that are restricted and can only be accessed by pre-approved sellers. These categories are typically high-value or high-risk items that Amazon wants to ensure are sold by reputable and authorized sellers. Examples of gated categories on Amazon include luxury watches, jewelry, and collectible coins.

To become a seller in a gated category, a seller must first apply and be approved by Amazon. The application process typically includes providing documentation to prove their products’ authenticity, business information, and ability to meet Amazon’s strict guidelines. Once approved, sellers in gated categories may have additional responsibilities and requirements to maintain their status, such as providing tracking information for all orders or regular inspection of their inventory.

Amazon gated categories protect both Amazon and its customers by ensuring that only high-quality and authentic products are sold and preventing fraudulent activities. However, it also can limit the number of sellers participating in these categories and make it harder for new sellers to enter them.

Other examples of gated categories are Medical Supplies, Pet Care and Food, Toys, and Home Electronics.

What Are Gated Sub-Categories?

Certain sub-categories within larger broader categories are restricted and can only be accessed by pre-approved sellers. These sub-categories are often high-value or high-risk goods that Amazon wants to ensure only reputable and authorized sellers sell. An example of a gated sub-category on Amazon could be luxury watches within the Watches category.

To become a seller in a gated sub-category, a seller must first apply and be approved by Amazon, similar to the process for gated categories. The application process typically includes providing documentation such as proof of authenticity of the products, business information, and the ability to meet Amazon’s strict guidelines.

What Are Gated Products?

Amazon Gated Products are individual products within a category or a subcategory, which are restricted and can only be accessed by pre-approved sellers. Amazon restricts the sale of these products for various reasons, for instance, say the product is controlled, a health hazard, high-valued, etc.

You will need to go through the same approval process similar to categories, brands, and subcategories to ungate your product and list on the platform.

An example might be the footwear category. Maybe a seller is allowed to list and offer Generic sneakers, but once they try to sell, Converse, the brand would be gated.

Can I Sell Products From Companies Other Than My Own On Amazon?

Yes, you can sell products from other companies on Amazon as a third-party seller. This is known as “drop shipping” or “retail arbitrage” where you sell products that you don’t stock; instead, you purchase the items from a supplier or manufacturer and have them ship the products directly to the customer.

You will need a seller account with Amazon and ensure you follow all of Amazon’s guidelines and policies regarding listing and selling products.

You will also need to find reputable suppliers or manufacturers that drop ship the products to your customers. It is important to note that Amazon has a strict policy against counterfeits, so you should always ensure that you only purchase authentic products from authorized distributors or manufacturers.

You should also be aware that you will be responsible for customer service and returns for the products you sell, even if they are not your brand.

Final Note on the Meaning of Amazon Approval Needed

Amazon Approval Needed means the product you are looking to sell is restricted for some reason, and you need to apply for approval to be allowed to trade the item on the platform.

Sometimes it could also mean that your seller’s account is under review by Amazon for incomplete or inaccurate account information, attempting to sell prohibited items, suspicious activity on the account, or violating Amazon’s policies.

This post has outlined some of the items you might be required to apply for approval on if you find them gated and the general criteria for the same.

Typically, it involves contacting Amazon’s customer service team, submitting necessary documentation, and waiting for approval.

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Vinny Ly

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